Agent based Torus


In this grasshopper example file you can use the Culebra plugin to flock a set of random points on a torus surface.

Script By:Kiarash Kiany

Agent based TorusAgent based TorusAgent based TorusAgent based Torus

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  • christianna.bennett

    Hello! I’m trying to use this script, but the Culebra plug in doesn’t seem to work with my Mac. Also, I am prompted by Grasshopper for the ‘Serpent’ plug in which I cannot find online. Do you think you could advise me on how to rebuild using components that can run on my Mac with the script? I’m attaching a screenshot of the areas where the components are missing. Thank you!!

    • rezae

      Hi Christianna,

      Unfortunately, there is no plugin that has the agent-based system inside it for Mac.