3- Aqua Tower

In this Paracourse Lesson, we will model something similar to the Aqua tower (located in Chicago) using the Cocoon Plugin. First, we will use a simple box to get the base shape and then by using curves we will model the facade and by implementing several techniques we will finish the tutorial.

Aqua Tower was designed by Studio Gang Architects. The green roof on top of the tower base is one of the largest in Chicago, led by firm principal and founder, Jeanne Gang, and it was the firm’s first skyscraper project The project was the largest ever awarded to an American firm headed by a woman.

40 Minutes

400 MB

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  • SchnellerS

    Hi, I’ve created parametric curves on the four sides of the box. Now i want to offset them but when I use the ‘x unit factor’ for example then that only works for one side (face) do i need to filter each face separately and use a different vector to move them or is there a way to have just one ‘common’ vector for all four sides?
    Many thanks,


  • SchnellerS

    Attachment  aqua-tower.zip

    Hi, one more from me … the negative charge for the surfaces doesnt seem to work. When I set the expression to ‘-x’ nothing happens. if i remove the expression than it works ok as a positive charge. any idea why? I have attached the gh file.. many thanks

  • rezae

    Attachment  offset_Box.zip

    Hi Stephan,

    I think I didn’t understand you idea. I’ve attached a gh file.

    Good luck,

  • SchnellerS

    Attachment  aqua-tower-1.zip

    HI Rezae,

    Thank you for your solution that worked well for the offset.

    I’m still struggling with the negative charge as it looks like its just not working properly. I’ve also noticed that my ‘refine’ component doesnt work even when I open up your gh file for this lesson. Any chance you could open up my file and see if it works for you? Many thanks, Stephan

    • rezae

      Stephan, I think you have to install Plankton library on your Grasshopper.

      you can download the Plankton library from here: Plankton library

  • SchnellerS

    Brilliant, thats all working now. Thank you

    • rezae

      Great! you’re welcome.