5- Bosjes Chapel

In this Lesson, I will model the Bosjes Chapel In grasshopper. First I will explain how you can use the Graph Mapper to produce the base curves and then we will use scaleNU and orientation to make the freeform shell structure. At the end, we will model the glass surface.

40 Minutes

133  MB

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  • DanaChurch

    It would be welcome if you could complete the tutorial with the non-uniform thickness of the roof canopy.

    • parametric

      Hi Dana
      Thank you for your message

      Modeling a non-uniform thickness of the roof parametrically is a completely different tutorial as you have to define the movement of divided points on the surface and some group management to remodel the Nurbs surface. We will try to add this to our future lessons meanwhile you can use the ” VariableOffsetSrf” in Rhino.