Brick Pattern


In this grasshopper example, you model a parametric brick wall and give it a 3D Pattern using the Parakeet plug-in.

Script By : Neda Rafizadeh

Parametric Brick PatternParametric Brick PatternParametric Brick Pattern

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  • Geoff

    Hi, Im excited to try this but I cant get the wall to appear. I have the image in Rhino but nothing else is generating. Do you have any instructions?

    • rezae

      Hi, great! I guess you don’t have Parakeet installed on your Grasshopper. Please let me know if that is the problem.
      I could better guide you if send the an screenshot from your canvas.

  • Geoff

    Hi Rezae, yes, parakeet is installed, I managed to get an image into Rhino but nothing else, no wall, or bricks… Are there limitations on the image type or number of colours in the image?