Ceiling Lamp Particles

In this Grasshopper example file you can use the Culebra plugin to simulate the flocking behaviour of a series of agents and then use them to create a ceiling lamp .

Script By:Kiarash Kiany



Ceiling Lamp ParticlesCeiling Lamp ParticlesCeiling Lamp ParticlesCeiling Lamp ParticlesCeiling Lamp Particles

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  • Piotr

    Attachment  Culebra-error.jpg

    Do you use Culebra v1 or v2? I get this weird error message (see attached file).

  • rezae

    I’ll check the script, If there was a problem I’ll notify you.
    This file uses Culebra v2. I think you have to unblock the plugin file.

    Many thanks

  • Piotr

    Demo files from all above mentioned plugins works fine on my PC. It is just your script that tries to refer to ‘Serpent’ plugin.
    Does anybody else have such issue?

    • rezae

      Hi sorry we are working on it.
      I’ve tried it with different PCs but I didn’t face that issue.
      Although I find that the problem can be fixed with Culebra V1.0 still the reinstalling Culebra cause another problems.
      But we are working to solve that issue or re-write the script with another PC.

      Thank you for your time. I’ll notify you whenever I had the solution.