Color Mesh Random

In this Grasshopper Tutorial you can learn how to randomly color mesh faces by using the stripper plugin and the “Color Mesh Face Randomly” component.

Algorithm by:
Mohammad Yazdi
Neda Rafizadeh
Grasshopper Stripper Tutorial (Color Mesh Randomly)

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  • Knifley

    I am trying to export my mesh to a rendering software, however my mesh does not have any materials assigned to it. Upon investigating the mesh properties in rhino, there are no indications of an individual triangle having an assigned material, layer color, or texture. All triangles in the mesh are set to “By Layer” for Display Color and material.

    Is there any way to bake a color into an individual triangle within the script?

    • rezae

      Hi, It is not possible in Rhino but it is possible in Grasshopper. You can assign Mesh colour in “Construct Mesh” component where each colour is representing the colour of a vertex. You can also change the mesh colour by using “Mesh Colour” component.