Rectangular Growth

Rectangular Growth

In this grasshopper example file you can model a parametric fractal form by using anemone and lunchbox plugins.

Diamond Facade Grasshopper3d Definition Lunchbox Weaverbird Pufferfish plugin

Diamond Facade

In this grasshopper example file by panelizing a surface you can morph any given module inside it by using the “morph to twistedbox” component from pufferfish.

Pyramid Growth Grasshopper3d Definition Lunchbox Anemone Plugin

Pyramid Growth

In this grasshopper example file you can generate a recursive pyramid model using the anemone plugin.

Gothic Sculpture Grasshopper3d Definition Kangaroo Lunchbox Weaverbird plugin

Gothic Sculpture

In this grasshopper example file we have used the Kangaroo plugin to deform a mesh and then combine the mesh+ plugin with weaverbird to model the final smooth mesh.

Rotating Torus Grasshopper3d Definition Lunchbox Plugin

Rotating Torus

In this Grasshopper definition you can model a rotating series of curves extracted from a torus.

Voxels from Brep Grasshopper3d Definition OctaTree Lunchbox Plugin

Voxels from Brep

In this grasshopper definition, you can create voxels from a brep or a surface based on octree structure.

Mesh force field500

Mesh force field

In this grasshopper definition we have used a mesh to create a force field using the Nursery plugin.

Pinch & Spread Torus Grasshopper3d Definition Weaverbird Pufferfish Lunchbox Plugin

Pinch & Spread Torus

In this grasshopper definition by using the Pinch&Spread component you can add bubble-like form to a mesh and change the form of a torus.

Urban Classification Grasshopper3d Definition Lunchbox Plugin

Urban Classification

In this grasshopper definition by training a neural network using boundary curves (representing a function in an urban scale) you can use it to recognize the function of any given closed curve.

Lunchbox Truss Grasshopper3d Definition

Lunchbox Truss

In this grasshopper definition by modeling two series of parametric curves and then using the Lunchbox plugin you can model a parametric truss.

Iso Enneper Surface Grasshopper3d

Iso Enneper Surface

In this Grasshopper definition, you can model a parametric Enneper surface by using the Lunchbox Plugin and extracting the Iso-curves.

Catenary Dome

Catenary Dome

In this grasshopper definition you can create a parametric catenary dome by using Lunchbox plugin.

Curve Mapping Grasshopper3d Definition 3D Pattern Parakeet Lunchbox Plugin

Curve Mapping

In this grasshopper definition by using the Parakeet’s pattern genotype inside an hexagon, you can model a parametric pattern model.

Noise on Surface Grasshopper3d Definition Lunchbox Tundra Plugin

Noise on Surface

In this grasshopper definition, you can create noise on any surface by using the Tundra plugin. For example we have used the Mobius surface component by Lunchbox plugin.

Covid-19 Chart Grasshopper3d Definition Lunchbox Plugin Data Visualization

Covid-19 Chart

In this definition you can use the Lunchbox plugin to extract data from an Excel file. Then by using a technique for data management and Lunchbox Chart View you can visualize the data.

Loft Point Attractor Grasshopper Definition

Loft Point Attractor

In this grasshopper definition by using an attractor point we will model a parametric twisting surface and then use Lunchbox or Pufferfish or Weaverbird to model a series of patterns on this base surface.

Diamond Panel Grasshopper Definition

Diamond Panel

In this grasshopper definition a 2d pattern panel is created using the diamond panels of the Lunch box plug-in and different variants of the diamond panel is created using basic components to control thickness and shape.

Parakeet Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Parakeet Spaceframe

In this definition by using the Lunchbox spaceframe component and the Parakeet’s Truncate tool we can make a recrusive 3d pattern. You can change the Truncation distance to make the pattern grow or shrink and by changing the Iteration you can define the number of loops.

Parakeet Plugin Example Grasshopper Definition

Parakeet Patterns

In this grasshopper definition you can generate several parakeet patterns through panelized surfaces using lunchbox and parakeet plugin.

Enneper Morph Definition

Enneper Morph

In this Grasshopper Definition you can morph any geometry inside deformed cubic structure by using Pufferfish Plugin. The cubic structure is deformed by Enneper surface which is already made by Lunchbox plugin.

Sierpinski Triangle

By using the Subdivide Triangle component of Lunchbox Pluging you can model a simple Sierpinski Triangle in Grasshopper3d. Basically, this component Subdivides a triangle into self-similar cells. First, you have to give a closed triangular curve or surface to subdivide then by defining four different Booleans you can control the divisions. The first one controls the center triangle and the rest control the 3 adjacent triangle areas.