Noisy Weave Grasshopper3d Definition

Noisy Weave

In this grasshopper definition, you can generate a Perlin noise on a pattern and use it for weaving the parameters. you can also use weaverbird to smooth the result.

Modular Facade

In this grasshopper definition, you can use point attractors to define the distribution of a series of scaling Panels. By converting the distance between the grid centers and attractors we can pick between different modules.

Islamic Pattern

you can make a parametric Islamic pattern with this python component and by changing the point attractor you can transform the pattern in the X-Y direction.

Skewed Lines Grasshopper3d Definition

Skewed Lines

In this grasshopper definition by using a rectangle’s diameter and extracting two points on it you can generate a series of skewed lines.

Attractor Triangles Grasshopper3d Definition

Attractor Triangles

In this Grasshopper definition, you can use a series of point attractors to change the scale of a square grid and then connect the corners to the middle of the scaled border.

Parametric Canvas

Parametric Canvas

In this grasshopper definition by defining size of a rectangle you can create a parametric canvas which you can control with a number slider.

Paneling Pt. Attractor

In this example file, you can use the Paneling Tools plugin to deform a grid with some point attractors and then use the Weaverbird Plugin to Give the final result some thickness.

Pattern Generator Grasshopper3d Definition

Pattern Generator

In this example file we want to show you how you can use the Dispatch Component to generate Different Patterns with controlling True & False. You can learn this process step by step.

Hexagon Truchet Tiles Grasshopper3d Definition

Hexagon Truchet Tiles

In this grasshopper definition you can model a random hexagon truchet tiles based on two different modules. By changing the random seed you can get different combination of the modules.

Square Fractal Anemone Plugin Grasshopper3d Definition

Rotating Squares

In this definition you can model a fractal based on a square which builds two smaller squares on one of its edges.

Islamic Pattern Grasshopper3d Definition

Islamic Pattern

In this definition you can model a parametric Islamic Pattern which is based on connecting the center of Triangular grid to a point located on edges and then connect that point to their neighboring corner.

Rolling Sphere Spirograph Grasshopper3d Definition

Rolling Sphere Spirograph

In this grasshopper definition by creating relative tangent spheres which revolve around each other you can create different spirograph patterns in 3d space you can also use Dendro plugin to convert these complex curve to volume.

Key Pattern Grasshopper3d Definition

Key Pattern

In this definition we have made a pattern based on a rotating and scaling square grid which the center connects to the middle of the edges and then by following a geometrical algorithm we reach the final pattern.

Non-Linear Isotrim Grasshopper3d Definition

Non-Linear Isotrim

In this exercise you can learn how to divide a Nurbs surface into a non-linear division by using graphs.

Random Rectangles Grasshopper Definition

Random Rectangles

In This grasshopper definition you can learn how to model a series of random rectangles on a circle. For example this can be used to model a circular mirror.

Diamond Panel Grasshopper Definition

Diamond Panel

In this grasshopper definition a 2d pattern panel is created using the diamond panels of the Lunch box plug-in and different variants of the diamond panel is created using basic components to control thickness and shape.

Panel Pattern Grasshopper Definition

Panel Pattern #2

In this Grasshopper definition you can model a parametric pattern for 2d panels which is based on a scaling square grid with a connection to a moving point on the edges.

2D Paneling Pattern #2

2D Paneling Pattern #2

In this 2D paneling Pattern definition you can model a parametric pattern based on triangles which the center of each edge is connected to the center of the triangle and this point will define the pattern.

Panel Pattern Grasshopper Definition

Panel Pattern #1

In this Grasshopper definition you can model a parametric pattern for 2d panels which is based on a circular connection.

Irregular Tiling

Irregular Tiling

In this grasshopper example we will use the Parakeet’s Quadrilateral Tiling component. This component Generates a Tiling (Grid) based on any irregular/regular Quadrilateral Curve (any Closed Polyline with 4 points and 4 edges).

Pattern Cirles

In this Laser cut design video, I have made a definition to produce a parametric pattern for laser cutting. First I will explain the inputs and how you can change them to change the base pattern and in the end, you can give thickness to your design.