Organic Pattern Grasshopper3d definition Dendro Plugin

Organic Pattern

In this grasshopper definition by modeling a series of circles and generating twisted curves around them you can model a random organic pattern. Finally you can use the Dendro plugin to voxelize the curves.

Sine*Cosine Frames Grasshopper3d Definition Dendro Plugin

Sine*Cosine Frames

In this grasshopper definition you can model a wavy like frame structure around a sphere. First we will extract the vertices of the sphere and then use a Sine*Cosine function to move them around.

Geometry Wrapper Grasshopper3d Definition Millipede Plugin

Geometry Wrapper

In this grasshopper definition you can learn how to use the Millipede’s geometry wrapper to model a mesh around a curve and control it with different parameters.

Wave on Icosahedron Grasshopper3d Definition Weaverbird Plugin

Wave on Icosahedron

In this grasshopper definition first we model an Icosahedron by Weaverbird and then generate wave pattern on it by using Mesh+ Plugin. Finally you can also make the mesh thicker and smoother.

Kaleidoscope Pattern Grasshopper3d Definition Parakeet Plugin

Kaleidoscope Pattern

In this grasshopper definition by defining a base pattern you can generate a kaleidoscope by using the Parakeet plugin.

Noise on Surface Grasshopper3d Definition Lunchbox Tundra Plugin

Noise on Surface

In this grasshopper definition, you can create noise on any surface by using the Tundra plugin. For example we have used the Mobius surface component by Lunchbox plugin.

Radial Pattern Grasshopper3d Definition 3D Pattern

Radial Pattern

In this grasshopper definition by creating a series of Twisted boxes on a surface and morphing an arc in them you can model a parametric radial pattern.

Growing Voxels Grasshopper3d Definition Dendro Anemone Plugin

Growing Voxels

In this grasshopper definition, by distributing random points on a geometry and picking the closest point for reaching the goal, you can model a parametric growing form by using the anemone & Dendro plugin.

Recursive Ornamental Mesh Grasshopper3d Definition Anemone Weaverbird Plugin

Recursive Ornamental Mesh

In this grasshopper definition by creating a loop from the anemone plugin, you can create different geometries by changing the segments of the initial polygon or by changing the loop count.At the end you can subdivide the results for a smoother mesh.

Kinetic Iso Surface Grasshopper3d Definition Weaverbird Millipede 4D Noise Plugin

Kinetic Iso Surface

In this grasshopper definition by using the PerlinNoise component of the Noise 4d plugin you can produce a changing value for a iso surface which is generated with Millipede.You can also subdivide the mesh surface to have a smoother result.

Relaxed Sphere Grasshopper3d Definition Stella3d Weaverbird Plugin

Relaxed Sphere

In this Grasshopper definition by extracting vertices from a spherical mesh and using the Stella3d plugin to generate forces, you can deform the mesh till the vertices reach a minimum distance.

Rotting Mesh Derdro Anemone Weaverbird Plugin

Rotting Mesh

In this grasshopper definition you can model a mesh as its rotting down. You can actually use the Anemone plugin to simulate the process.

Voronoi Virus Grasshopper3d Definition Weaverbird Plugin

Voronoi Virus

In this grasshopper definition you can use the “facet dome” component to cover a sphere with voronoi cells and then move the centroid in the normal direction to finish the model.Finally you can use the weaverbird plugin to smooth the geometry.

Voronoi Expansion Stella3d Weaverbird Plugin

Voronoi Expansion

In this grasshopper definition by using the Stella3d plugin and Weaverbird you can model a parametric expanding voronoi cell model.

Pufferfish Plugin Grasshopper3d Definition

Twisted Mesh

In this Grasshopper definition, you can use the “Morph to twisted box” from the Pufferfish plugin to morph a 3D module into a target Nurbs surface. You can also use the “Tween two colors” to give the final results a colorful look.

Pixelized Sphere Grasshopper3d Definition Pufferfish Plugin

Pixelized Sphere

In this grasshopper definition by exploding a mesh sphere and by using the Pufferfish plugin you can extrude the faces towards their normals controlled by a sine wave.

Mesh Particle Attractor Grasshopper3d Definition

Mesh Particle Attractor

In this grasshopper definition you can model a constantly changing surface by using the Stella3d Plugin, and defining an attractor which attracts the particles towards itself.

Stella3d Metaballs Grasshopper3d Definition

Stella3d Metaballs

In this grasshopper definition by creating a simulation with Stella3d you can simulate particles with attractors and use the Metaball(t) component to convert them into metaballs.

Voxelize Blobs Grasshopper3d Definition

Voxelize Blobs

In this grasshopper definition by using the Stella3d plugin you can simulate a series of particles which try to reach defined point targets and then voxelize them by using Cocoon, you can also refine it as an additional step.

Emitted Berries Grasshopper3d Definition

Emitted Berries

In this grasshopper definition by using Stella3d for particles simulation ,you can move a series of geometries around a defined NURBS curves while they get bigger as they move forward.

Morph to Twisted Box Grasshopper3d Definition

Morph to Twisted Box

In this grasshopper definition you can create a geometry and morph it on a sphere. You can also join the meshes together. This definition is using these plugins : Pufferfish , Mesh + and Weaverbird.

Triangular Subdivision Grasshopper3d Definition

Triangular Subdivision

In this Grasshopper Definition by using the Anemone plugin you can model a recursive pattern that connects each corner of the face to the center. You can also Mesh+ & Weaverbird to prepare a mesh or a Nurbs surface for the division process.

Curves Cocoon Grasshopper3d Definition

Curves Cocoon

In this grasshopper definition we have used the Cocoon plugin to create a voxelized mesh with a set of custom curves and a series of parameters which can change the parametric shape.

3D Maurer Rose Grasshopper3d Definition

3D Maurer Rose

In this grasshopper definition by using the 3d Maurer rose formula and combining it with Dendro plugin you can create a parametric form. In geometry, the concept of a Maurer rose was introduced by Peter M. Maurer.

Truchet Tiles Patterns

In this grasshopper definition you can generate a parametric surface with different truchet patterns. By using Jitter to change the index of the Twisted boxes you can model different patterns

Parakeet Plugin Grasshopper3d Definition

Parakeet Tiling

In this grasshopper definition by offsetting and scaling one of the Parakeet’s Tiling components (patterns) you can create different patterns. this grasshopper definition uses Parakeet and Weaverbird plugins.

Smooth Mesh Tower Grasshopper3d Definition

Smooth Mesh Tower

In this definition you can use Mesh+ & Weaverbird plugin to smooth a parametric rotating tower and control the bumps.