Circle Pack Modules

In this Grasshopper example file, you’ll discover how to create a circle packing design originating from a collection of random points. Additionally, you’ll learn to shape a 2D metaball curve surrounding them.

Tensile Structure

Tensile Structure

In this Paracourse Lesson, we are going to model a parametric tensile structure using the Kangaroo plugin.

Simple Tensegrity

In this Paracourse Lesson you will learn how to model a simple tensegrity structure by using the Kangaroo2 Plugin

Soap Film Pavilion Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Soap Film Pavilion

In this advanced lesson, we are going to convert the relaxed mesh into a NURBS surface and learn how to penalize it using Weaverbird, Kangaroo, and Lunchbox.

Origami Simulation Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Origami Simulation

In this ParaCourse Premium lesson, we are going to model an origami fold from scratch without using any plugins. first, we are going to model the folding in rhino and then convert it into grasshopper parametric folding.

Mechanism Paneling

In this Paracourse Lesson, we are going to study a mechanism based on the Kiefer showroom facade. First, we are going to study how to model an opening and closing mechanism on a panel then we will convert it to a cluster and use it in our project.

Flexhopper Tutorial Grasshopper3d

9- Flexhopper

In this Paracourse Lesson, you will learn how to simulate the collision of a series of random particles with spheres by using the Flexhopper plugin.

Kangaroo Rigid Body Grasshopper3d Tutorial

8- Rigid Body

In this Paracourse Lesson, we are going to use the kangaroo’s Rigid body component to simulate a series of boxes connected together. Then we are going to transform them by defining a point attractor.

Shelf Mechanism Grasshopper3d Tutorial Kinetic Architecture

7- Shelf Mechanism

In this Paracourse Lesson we are going to teach you how you can use basic geometric rules to model an opening/closing mechanism which is basically a shelf which folds with a scissor like structure and a handle.

Cloth Simulation Grasshopper Tutorial

6- Cloth Simulation

In this Paracourse Lesson, we are going to simulate a falling cloth and use the Kangaroo 2 plugin to make it collide with a solid. First, we are going to explain the basics and then we will extract the resulted mesh.

5- Planarize Polygons

In this Paracourse Lesson, we will use the Kangaroo plugin to show you how to planarize a series of panels. First, we will use Lunchbox to model the panels and then we will use Kangaroo’s goals to planarize.

3- Simple Circle Packing

In this ParaCourse Lesson, we will study a simple circle packing technique by using the sphere collide component (Kangaroo plugin) and make a series of circles fit onto a surface.

4- Origami Basics

In this Paracourse lesson, we will study how to model origami in Grasshopper by using the Kangaroo plugin. First, we will study a simple hinge simulation in Grasshopper and then take it to the logic behind negative/positive bending hinges in Origami by modeling the folding model of Albahar Tower module.

grasshopper tutorial

2- Network Deformation

In this lesson, I will show how you can use the Kangaroo2 Plugin to deform a network of lines. First, we will make a network of lines on a simple flat surface and then we will use the Kangaroo plugin to define them as springs and then we will deform them based on the location of the forces!

grasshopper tutorial

1- Evolution Door

In this grasshopper tutorial, I will model the evolution Door and show you how you can use simple geometrical assumptions to model a mechanism in Grasshopper. First we will study the Movement and then we will simulate it.