Sierpinski Python Grasshopper3d Tutorial

5- Sierpinski Python

In this Python tutorial you can learn how to model a parametric sierpinski triangle step by step and learn how to use Loops in python with a new method.

For Loop (List) Python Loop exercise

4- For Loop (List)

In this grasshopper python course lesson we are going to study more about the loops and how you can use it to manage a List.

3- Print + Loop

In this Grasshopper Python Lesson, we are going to talk more about the basics and how to use Print and Loop. Then we will import the math library into python and start modeling a mathematical surface called Chladni.

Python List Grasshopper3d Tutorial

2- List Data

In the second Grasshopper Python tutorial we are going to cover how you can use List data in Python and extract and use each item. We will also Rebuild the move component in Python.

1- Introduction

In this lesson, we want to show how to start coding Python inside grasshopper by using the Python script component. In this lesson, we want to show you how can write a simple code inside Python and also learn how to import library components of grasshopper to make things easier!