Curly Spiral


In this grasshopper example file you can simulate a folding mechanism similar to the curling Spiral, designed by John Edmark.

Script By:Erfan Rezaei

Curly SpiralCurly SpiralCurly Spiral

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  • Jakob

    Hello everyone, nice work!
    Is it possible to get this script seperatly from the membership-option? Some one-time purchase-opportunity?

    • rezae

      Hi Jakob, Unfortunately it is not possible.
      I’ll contact you if that plan was available.
      Many Thanks,

  • Annaheath123

    This script isn’t working

    • parametric

      Can you send us a screenshot from your Grasshopper?

  • Nat.W

    i can’t seem to get the file to work in Rhino 7, not all required extensions seem to want to work

  • Annaheath123

    Attachment  SCREENSHOT-S.png

    Here’s what it looks like when I open the script.
    This could be due to some plugins not working properly on my end.

  • Annaheath123

    Attachment  SCREENSHOT-S2.png

    Managed to fix some plugin issues. Now the only problem is that the spiral shows just as lines, not as a solid object.

    • rezae

      Thank you for sending screenshots, The example file has been replaced. I think the problem was the Mesh Edit implementation on R7.4 package . You may still face a problem with Pufferfish Mesh offset component, in that case you can replace Mesh offset component from Pufferfish with Weaverbird’s Mesh Thicken component.

      Let me know if it works or not.

  • Annaheath123

    Thanks! Works perfectly

  • Neeta

    Hi Erfan, do you offer tutoring session to go over this script? I’m relatively new to gh and it’s a bit confusing on how I can further customize it to curl in a direction

    • rezae

      I’ll email you about tutoring session.
      customize it to curl in a direction would be great idea! I haven’t thought about that. I think left and the right side of the mechanism shouldn’t be similar anymore.