Antisnub Effect on Shortest Walk

Antisnub Effect on Shortest Walk

In this grasshopper example file you can model a parametric 3d form by using shortest walk from random generated points and add antisnub component from the mesh+ plugin.

Mesh+ Joints Grasshopper3d Definition NGon Plugin

Mesh+ Joints

In this grasshopper example file, you can model a 3D network of lines and add joints at their intersections.

Crumple Mesh Grasshopper3d Definition Mesh+ Weaverbird plugin

Crumple Mesh

In this grasshopper example file you can model a smooth fractal mesh using the Mesh+ plugin combined with weaverbird.

Gothic Sculpture Grasshopper3d Definition Kangaroo Lunchbox Weaverbird plugin

Gothic Sculpture

In this grasshopper example file we have used the Kangaroo plugin to deform a mesh and then combine the mesh+ plugin with weaverbird to model the final smooth mesh.

Mesh Bridge Grasshopper3d Definition Weaverbird Plugin

Mesh Bridge

In this grasshopper definition, you can connect a series of meshes together be selecting the bridging faces.

Star Mesh Grasshopper3d Definition Mesh+ Weaverbird Plugin

Star Mesh

In this grasshopper definition, you can model an organic mesh by using the Mesh+ Plugin and Weaverbird.

Weaving Pattern Grasshopper3d Plugin Mesh+ Weaverbird Plugin

Weaving Pattern

In this Grasshopper definition, you can model a weaving pattern on a parametric revolution surface. First, we will extract a portion of the surface and convert it into a mesh. Then we will use the Mesh+ Plugin to model the Pattern.

Mesh+ Virus Grasshopper3d Definition weaverbird plugin

Mesh+ Virus

In this grasshopper definition, you can use the mesh+ Plugin to model a parametric virus-like mesh! finally, a Catmull-Clark subdivision can smooth the final result.

Customizable Face Mask 500

Customizable Face Mask

In this grasshopper definition, you can generate a parametric face mask by spliting parts of the face mesh and use pufferfish to give it a symmetric look. Finally, use mesh+ plugin to give it some borders.

Parakeet Mesh Vault Grasshopper3d Definition Weaverbird Parakeet Mesh+ Plugin

Parakeet Mesh Vault

In this grasshopper definition by using one of the parakeet’s tiling you can generate a vault-like form by using Mesh+ plugin and also Weaverbird to thicken the form.

Weave Mesh Pattern Grasshopper3d Definition Weaverbird Plugin

Weave Mesh Pattern

In this grasshopper exercise file, we have used a plugin to produce a wave-like mesh pattern and then use weaverbird to smooth the final result.

Catenary Pavilion Grasshopper3d Definition Mesh+ Weaverbird Definition

Catenary Pavilion

In this grasshopper definition by generating two sets of catenary arches, you can create a parametric shell . Then you can use the mesh+ plugin to produce a weave pattern on the surface.

Wave on Icosahedron Grasshopper3d Definition Weaverbird Plugin

Wave on Icosahedron

In this grasshopper definition first we model an Icosahedron by Weaverbird and then generate wave pattern on it by using Mesh+ Plugin. Finally you can also make the mesh thicker and smoother.

Recursive Ornamental Mesh Grasshopper3d Definition Anemone Weaverbird Plugin

Recursive Ornamental Mesh

In this grasshopper definition by creating a loop from the anemone plugin, you can create different geometries by changing the segments of the initial polygon or by changing the loop count.At the end you can subdivide the results for a smoother mesh.

Morph to Twisted Box Grasshopper3d Definition

Morph to Twisted Box

In this grasshopper definition you can create a geometry and morph it on a sphere. You can also join the meshes together. This definition is using these plugins : Pufferfish , Mesh + and Weaverbird.

Triangular Subdivision Grasshopper3d Definition

Triangular Subdivision

In this Grasshopper Definition by using the Anemone plugin you can model a recursive pattern that connects each corner of the face to the center. You can also Mesh+ & Weaverbird to prepare a mesh or a Nurbs surface for the division process.

Smooth Mesh Tower Grasshopper3d Definition

Smooth Mesh Tower

In this definition you can use Mesh+ & Weaverbird plugin to smooth a parametric rotating tower and control the bumps.

Mesh+ Example #1 Grasshopper3d Definition

Mesh Weave

In this definition we have used the Mesh+ Thatch weave command to produce a parametric weave pattern on an untrimmed Nurbs surface.

Mesh+ Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Mesh Snubbed

In this definition you can use the Mesh+ “Snubbed Antiprism” which can add an advanced effect on any faces of a mesh and it’s called the antiprism extrusion. There are several options which you can change such as height of the cells or the offset from the center. You can also smooth the final result.