Basket Weaving Grasshopper3d Example

Basket Weaving

In this grasshopper definition by Martyn Hogg,  you can model a weaving basket. You can select number of weaves in X or Y directions for a flat surface. Similarly, U and V divisions on a curved surface. It also works on a loft through curves.

Loxodrome Grasshopper3d Example


In this grasshopper definition by Laurent DELRIEU you can model a symetric loxodrome on a sphere. It simply can be done in any revolution object. Laurent used equations from a wikipedia page.

Undulant Portrait Grasshopper3d Definition

Undulant Portrait

In this grasshopper definition by Junichiro Horikawa you can model an undulant portrait using Image Sampler.

Cycloid Grasshopper3d Example


This grasshopper example by Tuğrul Yazar is a Cycloid-like family of curves, generated by its classical description: a rolling circle. There’s no need to roll the circle but divide its path, utilizing data lists to simply rotate and evaluate it.

Mesh Color Grasshopper3d Example

Mesh Color

The Mesh Color definition by  Curvature applies a vertex color based on the average or upper value of the angles between adjacent faces.

Triangle Holes Grasshopper3d Example

Triangle Holes

In this grasshopper definition by Junichiro Horikawa you can model a triangular 3D pattern.

Spiral Staircase Grasshopper3d Example

Spiral Staircase

Luis Gil who is currently a candidate for a Master in Design Studies (MDesS) degree at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, developed a useful tool to dynamically create and edit staircases via Grasshopper.

Gosper-Peano Curve Grasshopper3d Example

Gosper-Peano Curve

Here, Tuğrul Yazar studied a space-filling fractal called Gosper-Peano curve. You should have Anemone components installed in order to run this definition. The generator curve is a special one.

Wavy Joint

Wavy Joint

In this grasshopper definition by Junichiro Horikawa you can model a series of wavy like curves with different distribution along the X axis.

Hitomezashi Pattern Grasshopper3d Example

Hitomezashi Pattern

The definition by Co-de-iT creates a specific Hitomezashi pattern.There are a Nurbs and a Mesh version of it.code by Andrea Graziano & Alessio Erioli, Co-de-iT 2020.

The Golden Section Grasshopper3d Example

The Golden Section

This example file by deals with the Golden Ratio.The rectangles whose dimensions were determined rotates around a center. this has been done by adding a rotation pattern.