Fractal Dome


In this grasshopper example file, You can use the Anemone plugin to generate parametric fractal patterns and then project them down on a dome.

Script By: Zahra Ebrahimi



Fractal DomeFractal DomeFractal Dome

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  • Felsager

    These series are interesting. The ‘dendrite domes’ are a good choice for structural research aside from those geodesic domes or tensegrity domes.

    Fractal geometry is always a good source for inspiration.

    • rezae

      Yes exactly!

  • dgennetten

    Requires “Offset Brep”. Where is that found?

  • dgennetten

    And Mesh Area.

  • rezae

    Hi Douglas,
    You can download the plugin from Plugins official links or Related plugins part. It is located on top of comments section