Lattice Dress

In this Grasshopper example file, you can create a lattice pattern on a dress by using the Axolotl plugin.

Script By: Kiarash Kiany
Grasshopper Axolotl (Lattice Dress)Grasshopper Axolotl (Lattice Dress)Grasshopper Axolotl (Lattice Dress)


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  • nickzarazel

    The download example link works, however the zip file does not contain anything.

    • rezae

      Hi, I’ve checked it again it works fine.
      I think you might haven’t download the required plugins for the script. (WeaverBird and Axoltl)

  • nickzarazel

    I just tried downloading the zipped file via the “download example” link again. Once downloaded, I tried opening the zipped file and got an error message stating:

    “Cannot open file. It does not appear to be a valid archive. If you downloaded this file, try downloading it again.” -WinZip
    “Windows cannot open the folder. The Compressed (zipped) folder … is invalid. -Windows

    • rezae

      Thank you for the report. I emailed you the correct version.

  • katarametin17i

    Hi, I also get the same error, could you forward me the correct file?

    • rezae

      Yes, sure I emailed you the script

  • Chysan

    Error file, please fix it already

    • parametric

      Hi Chysan. Thank you for your message. What is the error you are getting? The link is working fine.