Geodesic Frame Grasshopper3d Tutorial Parakeet Weaverbird Plugin

Geodesic Frame

In this Grasshopper tutorial, you will learn how to use the Geodesic dome component from the Parakeet Plugin. You can combine the base mesh with the Weaverbird plugin Components to Produce the final results.

Weaverbird Weave Ball Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Weaverbird Weave Ball

In this Grasshopper tutorial you will learn how to model a simple smooth mesh ball by using the Weave component from the Mesh+ plugin combined with Weaverbird.

Rotating Boxes

In this short lesson you will learn how to model rotating boxes on a series of perpendicular frames from a simple curve.

Space Frame Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Space Frame

In this short lesson we can use the “Space Truss” component from Lunchbox Plugin to model a parametric spaceframe from a Nurbs surface.


In this short lesson, we will learn how to model a framed Voronoi in grasshopper step by step.


In this grasshopper example file, you can learn how to use the “Maelstrom” component to twist a series of curves.