1- Math (Surfaces)

In this “ultimate package” grasshopper tutorial I will explain about two different techniques to model mathematical surfaces: Isomesh & Parametric. First I will explain how you can model the Isomesh surfaces in Grasshopper with the Monolith plugin and then I will Model the parametric surfaces with mathematical equations.

40 Minutes

150 MB

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  • wonderground

    People should know that its not possible get Monolith to work (Jan 2021-rhino 7, windows 10), I spent many wasted hours trying to get it to work for this tutorial. The other plugins work so isometric surface example and tutorial is fine, just the parametric tutorial is bunk. From my understanding monolith is basically replaced by lunchbox. maybe this totorial for parametric surfaces can be redone. Thank you.

  • Christine

    Ditto to the above comment – would be great to see an updated video with useable plugins

    • rezae

      Hi Christine
      I’ve attached an example file that works by Fox plugin
      The example file is similar to this one and uses exactly the same method

  • Christine

    Hello Rezae,

    The previous file using monolith instead of fox still seems to be downloading? Thanks C

    • rezae

      Hi Christine,
      Yes the previous file is available for download but there maybe some issues. Since Monolith didn’t update for long time.

      Minimal surfaces