In this premium python grasshopper definition you can simulate a basic agent behavior through defining an agent class in python component. Then you can define actions by writing functions inside the agent class.

In this premium grasshopper python definition we have used python scripting to create a series of rectangles around a circle and form a parametric Chain.

In this 45 minutes Paracourse Lesson (premium Members) we are going to fabricate a Polyhedron by defining a series of simple connections for the faces. First, we are going to model the connection for any polyhedron and then model them in 3D.

In this Grasshopper definition, you can model a sine wave table using Graph mappers. Then you can use the Weaverbird plugin to give it a smooth look and finally extract the sections for fabrication.

In this ParaCourse Premium lesson, we are going to model an origami fold from scratch without using any plugins. first, we are going to model the folding in rhino and then convert it into grasshopper parametric folding.

In this python definition, you can convert a Nurbs surface into a series of panels and then control the chamfering and height of the edges. Finally you can orient them on the ground for fabrication.

In this python definition, you can model parametric chandelier and change the scale, number of slabs or another parameters and manage them on the sheet for laser cutting (ready made).

In this python component you can make a parametric transforming bookshelf and change the size or the number of boxes by changing the inputs of the component.

In this grasshopper definition, you can customize a parametric lamp (height, frame and ribs thickness).You can also generate the final curves to cut with CNC, laser-cut, etc.

In this definition you can model a parametric surface which is basically controlled by a series of circles with different radiuses and locations. At the end you can have the sections for fabrication.

In this definition we have remodeled the Rising Chair by Robert van Embricqs in Grasshopper3d. First we have made a rectangle and then by two parametric curves the bending of the parts will be defined.