Mechanism Paneling

In this Paracourse Lesson, we are going to study a mechanism based on the Kiefer showroom facade. First, we are going to study how to model an opening and closing mechanism on a panel then we will convert it to a cluster and use it in our project.

33 Min / 400 Mb


  • Realhao

    hi, I have a question regarding remap. when you remap a number in grasshopper, it has a mapped output and a clipped output. Could you tell the difference between the two results? Thanks!!

    • rezae

      Hi Realhao,
      If you give the source input a smaller domain it will clip any number outside of the source domain and clip the number to the highest or lowest number inside the target domain.


  • rezae


    • Realhao

      Hi Rezae,

      Thank you!! This is really helpful!! Thank you so much!

      • rezae

        You’re welcome Realhao, I’m happy to hear that

  • Vanessa Sabrina Zoll

    Hi !

    If I want to generate the Surface, that will become the first Cluster Input directly in Grasshopper, how do I then cluster this, because it results to be an Output. Many regards

  • rezae

    It is possible but it is so hard.
    You have to use some plugins that will read the input and output wirelessly (without actual connection) (global scope variables)

    I will send you the one that I’m familiar with.