Mesh Split Plane

In this grasshopper example file you can create a stellated mesh and split it with a parametric plane.

Script By: Amir Hossein Khazaei

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  • VanessaSabrina

    How is the XY- Plane to be defined so to follow the dimensions of the mesh size ? Split works, just I am not yet achieving the plane to be displayed splitting the triangulation.

    • rezae

      The plane is something mathematical not a geometry.
      Plane doesn’t have boundary and it can be describe by 2 vectors (plane direction) and one point(Origin of the plane)

  • VanessaSabrina

    I found the Triangle Split Surfaces, not yet the Plane. Is there a Surface / Plane Tool to display the plane following the Mesh ?

    • rezae

      I think your plane preview size is small you can increase the size from :
      Display>Preview Plane Size> and increase the current number
      or you can use Plane Surface component which will create surface on the given plane