Attractor Field

In this Grasshopper example file, you can use the “Point Field +” component combined with the “Point Voxel” Component to model a parametric field and convert it into a voxelized mesh. You have to install the Dendro Plugin to get the final results.

Multipipe Array

Multipipe Array

In this Grasshopper example file you can use the Array Curve + component to make an array of curves and then use the Multipipe component to convert it into a smooth SubD shape.

Parametric 2D Truss

Parametric 2D Truss

In this Paracourse lesson, you can model a parametric 2d truss from scratch by defining a series of points.

Sort List + Substrate

In this Paracourse Lesson, we will learn how to use the “Substrate” combined with the “Sort List” component to sort the random areas of the substrate pattern and give them a gradient color.

Box Morph tutorial

Box morph

In this Paracourse Lesson, we are going to morph a 3D module into a target surface by defining the number of division in the u,v direction.