Ngon 3D Joints


In this grasshopper example file, you can design a parametric shell using the ngon plugin and then design 3D connections for the vertices.

Script By: Ali Ghadamyari



Ngon 3D JointsNgon 3D JointsNgon 3D Joints

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  • Cfeldman

    Attachment  errores.jpg

    Why when opening the definition gives errors,—commands in Red/s— ?
    1) In Kangaroo’s ‘Solver’, 2) also in ‘Weld Mesh’, and so finally ‘Steps 5’ and ‘6’ are completely in Orange without being able to observe the results!
    Without actually getting the Connectors!
    Just interested in this exercise.

    …. Could you help me understand what happens?
    Thank you

    • rezae

      Hi Claudio,
      I think you have to reset the Kangaroo solver component. You have to add “Button component” to Kangaroo Solver’s reset input.