11- Paneling Attractors

In this Paracourse Lesson, we are going to use different attractors in Paneling tools to model a parametric grid that deforms with Point/Curve/Random and surface curvature. Finally, we are going to smooth the result.

Duration : 20 Min

Size : 200 Mb

Plugins Used

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  • NzarFaiq

    I have copied the ”PTComponentLibrary” into libraries and restarted Rhino, but couldn’t find them, I have Rhino 6, 6.0.18, Kindly help me to solve this problem so I can catch up

    • naseri2

      In order to install paneling tools, you can run the file that you have downloaded or use the “PackageManager” (access through Rhino command-line, then search for PanelingTools to install). By the way you should unblock the file before installation. Right click-> Properties, check unblock box.