Parametric Displacement


In this grasshopper example file You can use the Pufferfish plugin to create a 3d wave-like displacement on a mesh surface.

Script By:Kiarash Kiany


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  • Felsager

    This raises more questions than answers. in a good way. I wonder if it Is possible to do this with morph boxes or overall structural geometries? Is it possible to deform structures with such patterns?

    This is an outstanding creative tool in many ways. It formulates lots of questions. I wonder if those graph mappers have function editors or a greater library of functions. This is a home run for design, literally.

    • rezae

      I reckon in future a good method for constructing these patterns wouldn’t be that hard in it may uses different approaches like the one in nature (reaction diffusion)reaction diffusion

      Heteroptera plugin has graph mapper which you can define it through a curve from rhino