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Parametric Wall

In this tutorial, we will use the point attractor technique to model a parametric wall. first, we will define the base surface and study how we can use point attractors to produce a wavy surface. Then we will make a solid and use contour to finalize the parametric wall.

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  • avilla15

    Is there another link to download the remap plus? It is not working for my Rhino 6. It releases some error and makes grasshopper not to read my entire component library, leaving it as a blank canvas until I erase that remap+ 🙁

    • avilla15


      Sorry for the inconvenience!

    • parametric

      Drag and drop it on your canvas it should automatically be added to your user obejcts

  • Redzer

    Is there a free alternative rhinonest

    • parametric

      Orient the curves on a series of XY planes