Parametric Folding Facade


In this grasshopper example file You can model a parametric Folding Facade and control the form by changing the parameters.

Script By:Zahra Ebrahimi




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  • Budijanto

    Attachment  nothing-2.jpg

    I’ve tried to run this example file, but it cannot work
    the screen on rhino, no geometry
    is the GH file the same as the one in the video?

    What s the step to simulate as in videos
    yesterday I checked in can show up geometry but in red color
    and today, I cannot find a way to show it up again
    and one comment note as “delete”, what is for?
    thank you

    • Victor

      Ive followed the README steps and it still is not working for me

  • Victor

    As with Budijanto I don’t see the model either in my model space either

  • rezae

    Please Uncheck the green bucket.
    Many thanks