For designing parametrically, you often spend hours or even days figuring out how to define the essential parameters that bring your design to life. Even when you manage to write code with Grasshopper, you’ll still face challenges:

coding, defining logic, managing data, and finding plugins that fit your needs are difficult tasks.


In our latest offering at Parametric House, the “Parametric Partnership“, we take on the challenging tasks for you.

Simply share with us your vision for a parametric design, including the desired parameters, and our team will craft the Grasshopper code.

Moreover, we will create custom Grasshopper scripts tailored for you or your company, available for unlimited use, fostering endless innovation. The potential is limitless.

Existing Lifetime members are invited to a one-week free trial

of our Partnership program. Only 4 spots are currently available.

Reach out through the form below for a detailed discussion on our Partnership program.


Only 4 Spots Left

New members will be added to Paracourse Lifetime access for free.

Parametric Partnership

$1,500 / month

Here’s what you can expect from our Parametric Partnership :

  • Custom Code & Video Explainer Package :

After discussing the problem you want to solve, we will brainstorm with you about the parameters you need in your design to change.

We will deliver the codes in Grasshopper3D with a high-quality video recording explaining how to use the algorithm.

If you also need to know how the algorithm works for educational purposes, we can explain the logic so you can also understand how parametric design works.

  • Weekly Design Revisions

If the script and explainer video alone don’t solve your problem, or you wish to fine-tune or explore further possibilities, we’re eager to organize a live session for you.

We will strive our best to get your problem solved as soon as possible and will get back to you with the updated script and video.

  • WhatsApp Messaging

We will be in contact with you 24/7 via WhatsApp messenger. Send us any problem you encounter or any updates you require immediately, and we will respond within a day or so.

If we are online, we will also respond immediately so we can discuss the main problem and work on solving it as quickly as possible.

  • Privacy Guaranteed

Every code we design exclusively for you will not be shared on Parametric House.

  • Private Messaging

You will have access to a personalized profile created just for you on our PH Academy website and we will give you access to private forums and messaging system within the platform for even quicker communication with us.