Pixel to Voxel

In this grasshopper definition, you can model a 3d voxelized form by using a 2d pattern. Monolith plugin is used for the voxelization.

plugin used:

***you should use the “2d noise pixels” folder for defining the patterns******pixel to voxel 1200

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  • DanaChurch


    The link to download the Example file does not work: $)$ URL not found on server.

    • rezae

      Hi Thank you for your message.
      we updated the download link

    • DoctorMarvel

      In my case, I find that the plugin of Monolith can not be downloaded.
      Excuse me. Would you like to send this plugin to me by e-mail?
      Thank you.

      • rezae

        Thank you for the report
        We have updated the download link

  • DoctorMarvel

    OK. Well done.
    Now, I can download this software.
    Thank you very much.

    • rezae

      Your welcome