PolyBrick H2.0

PolyBrick H2.0
Internal Bone-based Hydraulics in Bricks Through Controlled
Water Flow From Micro-texturing and Surface Chemistry

Viola Zhang, JSLab, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Cornell University
William Qian, JSLab, Deparment of Architecture, AAP, Cornell University
Jenny Sabin, JSLab, Deparment of Architecture, AAP, Cornell University

This project by Viola Zhang, William Qian and Jenny Sabin emerged from collaborative trans-disciplinary research between architecture, engineering, biology, and materials science to generate novel applications in micro-scale 3D printed ceramics. Specifically, PolyBrick H2.0 adapts internal bone-based hydraulic networks through controlled water flow from 3D printed micro-textures and surface chemistry.

Engagement across disciplines produced the PolyBrick series at the Sabin Lab (Sabin, Miller, and Cassab 2014) . The series is a manifestation of novel digital fabrication techniques, bioinspired design, materials inquiry, and contemporary evolutions of building materials. A new purpose for the brick is explored that is not solely focused on the mechanical constraints necessary for built masonry structures.

PolyBrick H2.0 interweaves the intricacies of living systems (beings and environments combined) to create a more responsive and interactive material system. The PolyBrick 2.0 series looks at human bone as a design model for foundational research.

PolyBrick H2.0 merges the cortical bone hydraulic network with new functionalities as a water filtration and collection system for self-preservation and conservation as well as passive cooling solutions. It also pushes the ability of 3D printing techniques to the microscale. These functionalities are investigated under context for a better construction material, but its use may extend further.

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