Shortest Path on Mesh

In this grasshopper example file by defining a series of points you can create a pattern on a mesh based on the shortest path between two points.

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  • Cfeldman

    I would like “the result obtained” to be even a little more faithful to the original surface, how can I control that? I like this example to work on a model, but to make it more faithful to the original surface, should I implement that? I have tried to move the points, place them in the center of the surface … but still, the result seems quite randomized, and sometimes I even lose a part of the original surface, or part of it is not covered by the new tuveria. Could you help me to solve this? Thank you.

  • Cfeldman

    for example, in the recent Curve Growth Tutorial …. one can perfectly recognize the surface sphere of origin, since the curve grew to define the sphere by means of the created pipe, …. but here, …. Although there is an original surface, the pipe created sometimes does not cover or redefine the created surface “100%”, but only in part, due to the position of the points? …. o How to adapt this exercise to recognize 100% the original shape?. [for example, I use this definition, to create a new green skin, for a Formal “Base” architecture …… ok …. but I would need the new covering skin to cover 100% of the base shape and not just a random portion of it. So how to do it? —I can send images from my pc, of this, but not from where I am now —-. Greetings & Help pls