Smooth Difference


In this Grasshopper Example File, you can use the Jellyfish plugin to create a smooth Difference mesh from a box and a number of Curves.


Script By: Kiarash Kiani

Grasshopper Pufferfish (Smooth Difference)Grasshopper Pufferfish (Smooth Difference)Grasshopper Pufferfish (Smooth Difference)

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  • Felsager

    Wait, you just derived a tool for landform architecture and terrain movement right here.

    Great work.

  • rezae

    Thank you Samuel!

  • zclbobo

    SOmeone tell me how to use it?

  • SeanZ001

    Unfortunately, Jellyfish isn’t working in Rhino 7. What version did you use when creating this tutorial? Thx

  • SeanZ001

    How are you moving the curves in rhino while still in grasshopper?

    • rezae

      Hi Sean, you can minimize your grasshopper or you can divide your screen into half and use both (Rhino and Grasshopper) together.