Spiral Pattern

In this Spiral pattern grasshopper tutorial, I will show you how you can use a set of circles to produce a spiral pattern. First, we will talk about how dividing the circles will produce the base points and then by rotating the circles and connecting the points, we can produce the spirals.

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  • eason

    great thank you

  • unelectron

    Great! Thank you!!
    I am learning little by little grasshopper and rhinoceros. I have a query, is it possible to take one of the spiral modules to 2d? how could i do it? thank you!!

  • unelectron

    Investigating, I discover that with the “unrollsrf” command I managed to do what I wanted.

    • rezae

      Hi augusto,
      Unroll srf Would be good alternative. However you can use Lunchbox Diamond panels instead.

    • unelectron

      I’m going to investigate this!!!
      Thanks a lot!!!

      • rezae

        Great! your welcome.