Paper Wave Kinetic Installation

Paper Wave

“The Paper Wave” is one of the longest Kinetic Lights installation so far. A 65m-long array of Kinetic Lights hovers above the car runway. The installation looks like a delicate wave and is made of paper-thin sheets that smoothly change colors and positions.

Heaven Bloom Kinetic Installation

Heaven Bloom

“Heaven Bloom” by WHYIXD is located in the lobby of a building which is constructed by GoldenJade development corp. Along with the international architecture team from Singapore, WOHA, this mansion was designed with concept of nature.

Faceted Pendant Lights

Faceted Pendant Lights

Overall this light by Allison Patrick from Zipper8Design measures approximately 12 inches, but what really makes it unique is the construction method.

Fold It Up modular installation

Fold It Up

Fold It Up! by King Kong Design was thought as a modular installation composed of interchangeable elements made from flat sheets of material. Each of the modular elements was folded to shape and joined with paper clips.

Seed and Signal kinetic sculpture Computational Design

Seed and Signal

Seed and Signal by Hypersonic is a kinetic sculpture that explores the dynamics of group behavior. In nature, individuals that crowd together often exhibit dynamics whereby tiny changes in behavior can alter the balance of the group between order and chaos.

Silhouettes Interactive Kinetic Art


Silhouettes by BREAKFAST is a kinetic art that explores capturing the essence of people and creating a moment for reflection. As one looks upon the currently displayed silhouette, their own is captured and revealed.

Wooden Marble 3D Sculptures

3D Sculptures

American-Czech sculptor and fine artist Michael Kukla made 3D sculptures out of wood and marble. According to the artist much of his work has to do with the mystery of space, of standing in front of a thing and trying to visualize what it would be like to enter it.

3D Printed Pottery

3D Printed Pottery

Taekyeom Lee is a designer and researcher taking pottery into the future. He taught himself to build and use a 3D printer with no prior background in robotics. He used it to create 3D-printed ceramic pieces.

Firewall Interactive Art Installation


Firewall is an interactive art installation created by Mike Allison and Aaron Sherwood. When the membrane is touched, the lines dance like fire, rippling in reaction to the movement of the user’s hand.

Algorithmic Mathematical Art

Algorithmic Art

Here’s an introduction and survey of Algorithmic Mathematical Art by Xah Lee. Here, he examined the various methods of algorithmic mathematical art, and indicate the states of the art and possibilities.

Parametric Embroidered Artwork

Embroidered Artwork

The embroidered artwork of Meredith Woolnough explores the beauty and fragility of nature. She uses a synthetic embroidery thread and a water-soluble fabric to create her work. The water-soluble fabric is what makes her work possible.

Alumafel Exhibition Hall

Alumafel Exhibition Hall

This project by Pedro Garcia Martinez is composed of 1933 Aluminum cylinders and 4523 meters of metal wire which formed a surface that rises where an important object is exhibited and descends for example in circulation areas.

Abstract Machines Installation: Basilisk

Basilisk Installation

Abstract Machines Studio The Abstract Machines studio is an Architecture unit on the Leeds Beckett Masters course. Its primary focus is on computation, parametric design and how applying these evolving technologies can shape construction. Architectural systems are developed through a thorough regime of process-driven design, simulation, and physical prototyping. Allowing the creation of space that [...]
Tape Art Installation

Tape Art Installation

Using nothing more than thin black tape in combination with his keen observation and understanding, Darel Carey creates line sequences in varied configurations in order to create an illusion of dimension that he calls “Dimensionalization”. Two dimensions can be perceived as three, and vice versa.

Geometric Pies

Geometric Pies

To Lauren Ko, pies are more than just food. The Seattle-based, 31-year-old baker says she is “more an artist and designer than a baker.” The only difference is that her medium is edible. Ko is known for her colorful, geometric designs that toss out traditional baking conventions.

GIRIH Puzzle Star Pattern

GIRIH Puzzle

In this video by Hamed Rahnama you can see a GIRIH puzzle, a 10 Pointed Star pattern. Girih tiles are a set of five tiles that were used in the creation of Islamic geometric patterns using strapwork (girih) for decoration of buildings in Islamic architecture.

Geometric Equilateral Triangles Drawing Tutorial

Equilateral Triangles

This tutorial by I See Arts explains how to draw equilateral triangle with straight lines pattern creates geometrical triangles inside a circle.

Stalactite Installation Art


TETRO+A and WHITEvoid present its immense light structure ‘STALACTITE’ which floats above the audience of the bright brussels festival 2018 in belgium. it invites to ‘switch off’ the irrelevant and concentrate on the bliss of the pure audio-visual statement.

Broad Contemporary Art Museum

Broad Art Museum

Diller Scofidio + Renfro worked in close collaboration with Arup on the design of The Broad, helping showcase a “veil-and-vault” concept. This concept removes the normal museum archive and storage area as a place where items go to never be seen again.

Origami World

Origami World

In this video by NOVA PBS Official you can see that biology and the physical world around us appear to be governed by origami-like patterns. Throughout our natural world, patterns are incredibly pervasive — whether they be spirals, fractals, tessellations, stripes, or even simple symmetry, they can be seen in nearly all living or nonliving things on Earth.

Tessellation Art

Tessellation Art

What is Tessellation? An educational video animation by M. C. Escher inspired Tessellation Art, which explains the basic principles behind tessellating shapes and patterns. It shows a simple visual demonstration of tessellating triangles, squares and hexagons.

Complex Islamic Geometry

Complex Islamic Geometry

This video is a lesson by Eric Broug, animation by TED-Ed. Geometric pattern design is arguably the most recognizable form of Islamic art — it shows up everywhere, from mosques to government buildings to paper.



Quadrature is a audio/visual performance project by Griduo* in collaboration with Due3* that interacts with the perception of santralistanbul Art and Culture Center’s Main Gallery building located in Istanbul/Turkey.

Octahedron 3D Fretwork

Octahedron 3D Fretwork

Octahedron by Alex Fox an amazing woodworking 3D Fretwork, a scroll saw project. In this video you can see the making (Cutting, finishing and assembling) of a geometric plywood sculpture.

Mysteries of Minimal Surfaces

Mysteries of Minimal Surfaces

This is a video by Hojoo Lee showing complex analysis meets minimal surfaces. In mathematics, a minimal surface is a surface that locally minimizes its area. This is equivalent to having zero mean curvature.The term “minimal surface” is used because these surfaces originally arose as surfaces that minimized total surface area subject to some constraint.

Buckling Induced Kirigami

Buckling Induced Kirigami

This is a video by Ahmad Rafsanjani showing buckling-Induced Kirigami Physical Review. Kirigami is a variation of origami that includes cutting of the paper, rather than solely folding the paper as is the case with origami, but typically does not use glue.Typically, kirigami starts with a folded base,

Amazing Resonance Experiment

This experiment is the Chladni plate experiment. designer used a tone generator, a wave driver (speaker) and a metal plate attached to the speaker. First add sand to the plate then begin playing a tone.

Amazing Science Gadgets

Oddly satisfying scientific curiosities featuring various engines with candles, ferrofluid toys, kinetic art that uses physics, optical illusions, various forms of dices, math toys/shapes and more mindblowing stuff!