Pendulum Casa V Kinetic Sculpture

Pendulum Casa V

Pendulum Casa V by ART+COM Studio is a kinetic sculpture created for the private residence of an art collector in Mexico City. Situated in an inner entrance area of the house, the sculpture moves through a vertical void between the ground and first floors.

Crysalis Parametric Design using Grasshopper3d

Crysalis III

Crysalis (III) is a sculptural piece that explores cellular morphologies using parametric tools and composite materials. Designed and built by MATSYS, the sculpture takes direct inspiration from the organization of barnacle-like cells.

Water Ripples Kinetic Sculpture

Water Ripples

Water Ripples is a kinetic sculpture designed to celebrate the beauty and power of water, surrounding visitors in waves in response to donations made to the water access charity. It is composed of 600 handmade water droplets, controlled by custom designed motorized winches.

Mathematical Sculptures

Mathematical Sculptures

Vladimir Bulatov is an independent artist, the process of making his sculptures starts from mathematical idea. He built a computer model to represent the idea in 3D world. Applying custom algorithms gives the model nice body and organic look.

Spiked Sculptures

Spiked Sculptures

Paper engineer Matthew Shlian combines intricate geometric tessellations with exact folds and creases to form bas-relief sculptures. Shlian has been crafting his paper artworks for several years. In recent sculptures the artist has introduced a vibrant color palette that strays dramatically from his traditional black and white works.

Abstract Machines Installation: Basilisk

Basilisk Installation

Abstract Machines Studio The Abstract Machines studio is an Architecture unit on the Leeds Beckett Masters course. Its primary focus is on computation, parametric design and how applying these evolving technologies can shape construction. Architectural systems are developed through a thorough regime of process-driven design, simulation, and physical prototyping. Allowing the creation of space that [...]
Nail Sculptures

Nail Sculptures

Created by John Bisbee, the nail sculptures come in many shapes and sizes. Some form delicate walls while others are simply nailed to the wall. About his nail sculptures, Bisbee tells American Craft, “A nail, like a line, can and will do almost anything. What can’t you draw with a line? The nail is just my line.”