SubD Tube


In this Grasshopper 2.0 Example File, you can Create a SubD Tube with different Divisions and Variable Sizes.

Grasshopper 2 (SubD Tube)Grasshopper 2 (SubD Tube)

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  • BeyondWood

    I down loaded the example but I cannot open it. What program opens a .rar file?

  • BeyondWood

    Ok soI then went and bought a extractor app to open the .rar file only tohave another obscure file format nest in that folder. Not very useful for me. Why the change? How do I access this lesson?

    • rezae

      Hi Bill,
      You have to run this on Grasshopper2 which is a plugin on Rhino8 WIP.

  • BeyondWood

    I would like to access this with rhino 7. Anyway to do that? Why would it only be for R8 WIP? Does the lesson not work on R7?

    • rezae

      Hi, Unfortunately currently there is no way to run Grasshopper2 examples on Grasshopper1 or installing Grasshopper2 on Rhino7