Surface Flow Curves


In this grasshopper example file you can generate the flow curves by moving a point on a Nurbs surface.


Script By:Ali Ghadamyari



Surface Flow CurvesSurface Flow CurvesSurface Flow Curves

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  • Cfeldman

    Would it be possible to understand how to apply this definition to another “Surface”? (I tried adding another simple Nurbs Surface in the Value List but I can’t find how you can recognize it! …).
    Step 1 is dedicated only to Network Surface or Klein Surface … but what if one is interested in applying that to a surface of another type? …….

    • rezae

      Hi Claudio,
      I’ve emailed you a script which works with custom surface.

      Many thanks,

  • mingjing

    Hi Rezae

    Could you please also email me the script which works with custom surface? thank you very much.

    • rezae

      Hi, I emailed you the script.
      Thank you!