Swarm Fashion

In this grasshopper definition we have used the Quelea plugin for agent base modeling. By changing the agents behaviour you can have different conceptual models.

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  • Shireen

    I have got this problem when I open this definition.

    • parametric

      Hi Shireen
      Did you install the plugins needed? There is also a button on that form saying “Download and Install”. If that doesn’t work you have to install it manually by using the Plugins links provided

    • Shireen

      Thanks, I did the whole thing that you recommended but I still have the same problem, the quelea plugin works well except one thing as I mentioned before, furthermore, you can not remove it from the grasshopper library to downloaded again.
      Is there a solution to this issue?

    • parametric

      simply go to your files>special folders > components folder and right-click on the quelea file…properties and be sure to unblock the file and then restart your rhino grasshopper

  • elkencl

    I have the same issue outlined by Shireen above. The deconstruct system component is not found by GH.
    Please advise

  • Shireen

    any help (The deconstruct system component is not found by GH)

  • Elmec

    I have the same problem (he deconstruct system component is not found by GH)

    • rezae

      Hi the Deconstruct component is on the latest update of Quelea, please make sure that you have the latest version of Quelea Thank you