Structural Acoustic Optimization

Structural Acoustic Optimization

This thesis by Jonathan Michael Broyles, performs an investigation of structural and acoustic behavior for shaped concrete slabs with curved, non-standard geometry. Nine unique geometric variables were used to define and shape concrete slabs.

Design Ecologies for Responsive Environments

Design Ecologies

This paper positions the development and performance of a responsive acoustic envelope system, called Resonant Chamber, within discourses in ecology, systems theory and cybernetics.

Changing space and sound: parametric design

Space and Sound

This thesis by Christopher W. Norton examines the potential for parametric design software to create performance based design using acoustic metrics as the design criteria.

From digital design to physical model Origami techniques applied to dynamic paneling shapes for acoustic performance control

Digital Design

The aim of this research is to present a prototype of an adaptive structure, with an acoustic application, to control sound quality and perception in spaces where this has a central role, such as theatres or concert halls.

Sculptural, Sound Absorbing Forms

Sound Absorbing Forms

Designed by Austrian design firm 13&9 Design, BuzziPleat is the latest sound absorbing option added to the BuzziSpace catalog of smart, modern acoustic solutions. The lightweight, large-scale forms are sculptural in nature.

Filzfelt Scale acoustic wall panel

Filzfelt Scale

Scale turns the acoustic wall panel on its ear. Designed as a university project by Vanessa Busemann and Felix Zebi with German design collective, Cabs Design, this modular wall system is made from cut and folded acoustic fiber composite.

Robotic Fabrication Of Acoustic Brick Walls

Acoustic Brick Walls

The paper by Maximilian Vomhof, Lauren Vasey, Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler, Stefan Bräuer, Kurt Eggenschwiler and Jürgen Strauss presents research on a robotically fabricated acoustic wall system, “Acoustic Brick Wall”.

Scale: A Flexible, Modular Acoustic Partition System


Benjamin Hubert, of design agency Layer, has come up with a modular acoustic partition system for Woven Image that’s incredibly flexible. Scale makes its debut as a sustainable option for creating workplace privacy and flexible spaces. It also provides audio absorption.

Integration of acoustics in parametric architectural design

Parametric Acoustics

This paper by Dr Thomas Scelo describes the collaborative approach to develop a single algorithm for both acoustic and architectural form generation.