Environmental Feedback and Spatial Conditioning

Environmental Feedback

This paper by Isak Worre Foged and Esben Skouboe Poulsen, illustrates responsive systems, which focus on the implementation of multi-objective adaptive design prototypes from sensored environments.

Adaptive Photovoltaic Envelopes

Photovoltaic Envelopes

This study by Prageeth Jayathissa, first presents a performative design environment that combines multiple technological branches into a single automated work-flow.

Information Materials

Information Materials

This paper by Manuel Kretzer questions the current use of materials in architecture, which furthers the preference of surface and form over inherent material properties. It then investigates recent advancements towards the notion of a Digital Materiality.

Adaptive Envelopes

Adaptive Envelopes

The paper by Marta Barozzi et al. presents an overview of adaptable envelopes and shading systems applied in contemporary architecture; it offers a study of different design approaches and a brief analysis of exemplifying case studies.

Adaptive Fabrication Cellular Concrete Casting Using Digital Moulds

Adaptive Fabrication

This paper by Zubin Khabazi and Michael Budig will present a research, focusing on the use of concrete through the development of a custom-designed device, which is an adjustable digital mould.