Transformable structures in architectural engineering

Transformable Structures

This paper by N. De Temmerman, L. Alegria Mira, A. Vergauwen, H. Hendrickx & W. P. De Wilde explores the possibilities of transformable structures in architectural and structural engineering.

Pneumatically Actuated Material Exploration of Morphospace of an Adaptable System

Actuated Material

This research in progress by Lynn Kieffer and Paul Nicholas investigates a design and fabrication method of an adaptable and programmable composite material in an embodied computation system.

Shape Design and Analysis of Adaptive Structures Using Grasshopper3d

Adaptive Structures

This paper by Lenka Kormaníková, Eva Kormaníková and Dušan Katunský describes adaptive materials and structures used in architecture. An adaptive shape is designed and analyzed using algorithmic plug-in Grasshopper.