Spatial Structures Conference

Spatial Structures Conference

The Spatial Structures 2020/21 Conference will be the first ever IASS Symposium to be held fully virtually. Join the Conference on 23-27 August 2021.

Droneport Prototype

Droneport Prototype

A full-scale prototype for a droneport designed by Foster+Partners built on site in the Arsenale in Venice, was unveiled at the 15th International Architecture Biennale. The droneport prototype is the first project to be presented by The Norman Foster Foundation.

Biomimicry and Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design

Biophilia is the innately emotional affiliation of human beings to other living organisms.. The biophilic design which is the main focus of this article by Bujar Bajçinovci.

A Novel Concept for Airport Terminal Design Integrating Flexibility

Airport Design

The current research by Sarah N. Shuchi proposes a design framework to develop flexible layouts of departure areas in an international airport. A flexible design framework for airport terminals has been developed based on a number of hypotheses.

Collaborative Architecture

Collaborative Architecture

This thesis by Paul Poinet is an attempt to enhance collaborative practices in architecture, engineering and construction through Multi‑Scalar Modelling Methodologies. The thesis examines the interdisciplinary concept of Multi‑Scalar Modelling through the scope of the AEC domain.

Dome Grasshopper3d Plugin


Dome by Ehsan samadi creates a frame dome by designing a profile curve in xy plan. You can edit the curve and the dome will update. This component is in the user menu.

sculptural gweilo lighting


At the interior design show toronto (IDS) 2017, partisans celebrated the launch of its first product ‘gweilo’. As part of the ‘partisans factory’, each ‘gweilo’ light will be hand-sculpted using thermoforming techniques on site.

Mosquito Grasshopper3d Plugin


Mosquito by Carson Smuts is a plugin suite developed for Rhino and Grasshopper. The plugin allows us to tap into social , financial and popular media. Extracting location, buildings, roads, OpenStreetMap data, profiles, images and messages from Facebook,Twitter, etc….

Ceiling Wave Attractor Grasshopper3d Definition 3D Pattern

Ceiling Wave Attractor

In this Grasshopper definition, you can model a wave-like ceiling pattern by hanging a series of panels from the roof. The point attractor will give the panels a wave look that you can control with a Graph Mapper.

Feather-inspired social media data processing for generating developable surfaces: Prototyping an affective architecture

Affective Architecture

This paper by Chenjun Liu, Tsung-Hsien Wang, Mark Meagher and Chengzhi Peng presents the development of an interactive installation intended as a prototype of experimental affective architecture connected with social media data processing.



Created by belgian designer jonas van put and presented at biennale interieur in kortrijk, ‘buzzijungle’ for buzzispace is a project that presents a reflection of the designer’s vision on social offices, further pushing the traditional boundaries of the workplace.

Inflated Vaults

Inflated Vaults

This project by Eric Giragosian was part of a research studio conducted by Yasushi Ishida to investigate various methods in finding forms of vaulting shell structures.

PolyBrick H2.0 Internal Bone-based Hydraulics in Bricks Through Controlled Water Flow From Micro-texturing and Surface Chemistry

PolyBrick H2.0

This project by Viola Zhang, William Qian and Jenny Sabin emerged from collaborative trans-disciplinary research between architecture, engineering, biology, and materials science to generate novel applications in micro-scale 3D printed ceramics.

Rotating Image Panels Grasshopper3d Definition Weaverbird Plugin

Rotating Image Panels

In this grasshopper exercise file, you can learn how to rotate a series of panels based on an image. You can also extract an arc based on the angle of rotation.

Additive Formwork

Additive Formwork

Additive Formwork by Brian Peters, explores the potential and advantages of 3D printed, flexible formwork for precast concrete architectural applications.

Biomimicry of Feathers for Airport Design

Biomimicry of Feathers

This thesis by Sarah Sunyoung Park, will examine the design of an airport building through biomimicry. Because of a correlation between flights, airplanes, airports, and feathers, she has selected a feather for her biological inspiration.

Minima | Maxima

Minima | Maxima

Minima | Maxima is the latest Structural Stripes “Crawling Assembly'” from MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY. This permanent installation provides a moment of contemplation amid the busy grounds of World Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Parametric Architecture

Parametric Architecture

This investigation will analyse and define the definition for Parametricism. It will analyse and compare multiple parametric theories. Then using case studies to endeavour how parametricism has been used in the design process.

Twine House

Twine House

Designer Antony Gibbon has visualised a conceptual house called Twine, which sits under a wave-like piece of concrete within a landscape of rolling hills. Gibbon conceived Twine as a twisting concrete structure, which reflects the hills surrounding.

Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition: A Parametric Analysis

A Parametric Analysis

Federico Reyneri, partner at LPzR associates architects, and his research team started to analyse the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition, the largest architectural design competition in world history.

Computational Environments with Multimodal Representations of Architectural Design Knowledge

Computational Environments

This article by Ajla Aksamija and Ivanka Iordanova discusses interaction between multimodal representations of architectural design knowledge, particularly focusing on relating explicit and implicit types of information.

Spectral Grove permanent outdoor public installation

Spectral Grove

Spectral Grove is a permanent outdoor public installation of cascading, latticed ribbons of colored aluminum and steel at the entrance of Pivot Park in West Philadelphia.

Grand Stade de Casablanca

Grand Stade de Casablanca

NBBJ & Yassir Khalil Studio shared their vision for the new Grand Stade de Casablanca. Their goal is to create a center for sports which is keenly in tune with the natural environment, geography, and history of the nation of Morocco.

Leeza Soho Skyscraper Zaha Hadid architects

Leeza Soho Skyscraper

The 45-storey Leeza Soho skyscraper by the late Zaha Hadid in Beijing, China, contains the world’s tallest atrium twisting through its centre. As it rises, the Leeza Soho’s void twists by 45 degrees and creates convex openings either side of the tower.

Filzfelt Scale acoustic wall panel

Filzfelt Scale

Scale turns the acoustic wall panel on its ear. Designed as a university project by Vanessa Busemann and Felix Zebi with German design collective, Cabs Design, this modular wall system is made from cut and folded acoustic fiber composite.

80Hz interactive sound pavilion


Thomas Wing-Evans has created an interactive sound pavilion in collaboration with the DX Lab for the State Library of New South Wales in Australia, which takes paintings from the library’s collection and turns them into music.

lacime architects cover exhibition hall with undulating facade in suzhou, china

Undulating Facade

The facades of the new exhibition hall are essential to the overall design by Lacime Architects with the most notable characteristic being the elegant and dynamic effect of the facade which appears as a ‘rising curtain.’ 

lightweight conical components for rotational parabolic domes

Parabolic Domes

Although initially intended for academic purposes, this paper by Roberto Narváez-Rodríguez and José Antonio Barrera-Vera was finally led towards the development of hollow lightweight conical components to materialise rotational parabolic domes.

Step Wall Grasshopper3d Definition

Step Wall

In this definition you can model a Step wall in Grasshopper. For the base unit you can control the height, count, width and depth of the stairs.

Entropy: Unpacking the form through post digital making


The focus of this project by Evelina Kourteva and Dermott Mc Meel is to investigate ‘digital design’ through the juxtaposition of a human driven and digitally supported creative process.