Volumetric Lattice Grasshopper3d

Volumetric Lattice

In this grasshopper example file you can create many different voxelized lattice structures by using the AxoloTL plugin.

Voxelized Metalines Grasshopper3d Definition Axolotl Plugin

Voxelized Metalines

In this grasshopper definition by Mathias Bernhard, you can create an iso-surface from the intersection between a sphere and Metaballs and use the Axolotl plugin to convert them into a voxelized form.

Voxelized Ramp

This grasshopper definition creates a voxelized ramp by using the AXOLOTL plugin. You can change the parameters to generate different designs.


Voxelized Nodes

In this grasshopper definition, you can create a parametric voxelized node by using the AXOLOTL plugin.

AXOLOTL Grasshopper3d Plugin for volumetric modeling


AXOLOTL by worbit provides a set of components for volumetric modeling in Rhino Grasshopper. They work based on the principle of signed distance functions (SDF).