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Firewall Interactive Art Installation


Firewall is an interactive art installation created by Mike Allison and Aaron Sherwood. When the membrane is touched, the lines dance like fire, rippling in reaction to the movement of the user’s hand.

Parametric Designs to Evaluate Kinetic Facades for Daylight Performance

Evaluate Kinetic Facades

This research presents a solution for evaluation of kinetic facades system performance via experiences and lessons learnt from experiments. Authors bridge between architects and engineers to address limitations associated with incorporating performance criteria in the design of kinetic facades.

Metamaterial computation and fabrication of auxetic patterns for architecture

Auxetic Patterns

The paper by Roberto Naboni and Lorenzo Mirante investigates the potential of auxetics in architectural applications by means of computational design and additive manufacturing. This class of metamaterials expresses interesting behaviour related to the unusual characteristics of a negative Poisson’s ratio.

Sun Tracking Facade

Sun Tracking Facade

This thesis by Mahzad Tashakori describes the development of a computer controlled sun-tracking device model that aims at improving the environmental performance of a building facade system. During the process, advanced computational modeling and simulation tools, such as Grasshopper and Ecotect, were utilized.

Paper Wave Chandelier

Paper Wave Chandelier

This massive, room-filling paper ‘chandelier’ designed by Cristina Parreño Architecture in cooperation with a team from MIT (James Coleman, Sharon Xu, Koharu Usui, Natthida Wiwatwicha and Hannah Ahlblad), capitalizes on surface geometry. Installed and displayed at the ARCOMadrid art fair in Spain.

Part to Whole Modular Installation

Part to Whole

Part to Whole by HG-A | LIVE COMPONENTS is ‘space’ defined by the whole came from the flow of repetition. The set of circles moving along the curve constructs continuous void space. It digs the specific volume out of the cube, which maximizes available space and minimizes materials at the same time.

Healing Pavilion Parametric Design

Healing Pavilion

Ball-Nogues studio has completed the ‘healing pavilion’, a structure that provides shade and seating within the new garden of a Los Angeles hospital. the pavilion was created using 2,793 linear feet of 2-inch diameter mild steel tube.

Water Ripples Kinetic Sculpture

Water Ripples

Water Ripples is a kinetic sculpture designed to celebrate the beauty and power of water, surrounding visitors in waves in response to donations made to the water access charity. It is composed of 600 handmade water droplets, controlled by custom designed motorized winches.

Pillar of Dreams Parametric Pavilion

Pillar of Dreams

New York design studio The Very Many has built a white orbed pavilion in Charlotte, North Carolina with bulbs shaded soft blue and pink inside. Pillar of Dreams is a 26-foot-high (eight-metre) structure made from two layers of thin aluminium.

MorphoLuminescence Interactive Installation


MorphoLuminesence by Project One Studio is a kinetic ceiling prototype that reacts to people standing and moving beneath it. Sensors detect speed and direction of people in relation to the piece. If a user stands still for a long enough period of time, the petals will retract into the completed surface.

Meta Parametric Design

Meta Parametric Design

In this article the authors: John E. Harding and Paul Shepherd, propose a new approach called Meta-Parametric Design, combining graph-based parametric modelling with genetic programming. The advantages of this approach are demonstrated using two real case-study projects

Voussoir Cloud Parametric Pavilion

Voussoir Cloud

Voussoir Cloud by American architects IwamotoScott explores the structural paradigm of pure compression coupled with an ultra-light material system. The overall design draws from the work of engineer/architects such as Frei Otto and Antonio Gaudi, who used hanging chain models to find efficient form.

Generative Architectural Form

Generative Architectural Form

This dissertation “An Evolution-Based Generative Design System: Using Adaptation to Shape Architectural Form” by Luisa Gama Caldas dwells in the interstitial spaces between the fields of architecture, environmental design and computation.

Geometry and Performance of Timber Gridshells

Timber Gridshells

This thesis by Dragos-Iulian Naicu, upon reviewing the design and construction processes of previous timber gridshells, puts forward a structural model that aims to represent the true nature and specifics of single and double- layered timber gridshells.



This research by Mehrnoush Latifi Khorasgani, Daniel Prohasky, Jane Burry, Akbar Akbarzadeh and Nicholas Williams focuses on the design of a Robotic solar analysis platform for critical studies which explore dynamic solar light and heat phenomena within the laboratory.

Neofit Roller

Neofit Roller

The Neofit Roller is a fitness roller that collapses down to just 4 inches wide, so you can pack it with you wherever you go.

Dragon Skin Pavilion

Dragon Skin Pavilion

The Dragon Skin Pavilion, a recent collaboration between the Laboratory for Explorative Architecture and Design (LEAD), a Hong Kong- and Antwerp-based firm, and the Tampere University of Technology in Finland, further explores the potential of this customizable lumber.

Computational Design Technologies

Computational Design Technologies

Among the wide landscape of digital design tools, the computational ones emerge as those that can promote non-standard design approaches to architectural conception, development and construction.

Bat-yam Cans Pavilion

Bat-yam Cans Pavilion

This cans pavilion was made during the Bat-Yam International Biennale of landscape urbanism in Israel. The palm trees bestow an ambiance of fantasy designers chose to further emphasize by using shiny tin cans as building blocks; city conservation using a familiar household material in a new context.

RhinoRstab Grasshopper3d Plugin


This paper by Sebastian Dietrich, Sven Schneider and Dimitry Demin presents a new open-source structural analysis plugin for Grasshopper – RhinoRstab. The plugin bridges data between the worldwide established software:  Rhinoceros3d and Dlubal RSTAB.

Evaluating Facade Designs

Evaluating Facade Designs

This article by Evangelos Pantazis and David Gerber proposes a new computational design methodology, intended for use in the area of conceptual design of building design. The proposed methodology is implemented into a multi-agent system design toolkit.

Orbicular 3D Printed Lamp

Orbicular Lamp

The Orbicular lamp by Nervous System is a series of table lamps based on how veins form in leaves. Each lamp is a completely one-of-a-kind design 3D-printed in nylon plastic with its own unique form and pattern of veins.

Tangible Means Knowledge through Materials

Tangible Means

With this document edited by Anne Louise Bang, Jacob Buur, Irene Alma Lønne and Nithikul Nimkulrat, authors wish to explore different ways in which experiential knowledge through materials can be given more appropriate consideration within the framework of research.

Ada Interactive Pavilion


In collaboration with microsoft research, artist-in-residence jenny sabin has designed the ‘ada’ installation for the tech company’s redmond campus. The work takes its name from ada lovelace, mathematician who is often credited as one of the first computer programmer.

Kinetic Sculpture Orbs

Kinetic Sculpture Orbs

New York City-based design studio Hypersonic teamed up with Plebian Design to create a standalone system of 804 orange spheres which rise and fall in a concerted visual representation of how, within the perceived chaos of data sets, natural patterns eventually reveal themselves.

UGEARS Mechanical Models


UGears is the creator and manufacturer of unique self-propelled mechanical model kits designed for self-assembly without glue and made entirely of high-grade wooden material.

Creative Optimization

Creative Optimization

This thesis by Yassin Salah El-Din Ashour presents a workflow called the ‘creative optimization workflow’ using a Multi-Objective Optimization (MOO) engine called Octopus that runs within Grasshopper3D, a parametric modeling tool, and multiple simulation software.

Material That Matter

Material That Matter

This thesis by Andrea Minuto will introduce you to a vision called Smart Material Interfaces (SMIs), which takes advantage of the new generation of engineered materials. They are capable of changing their physical properties, such as shape, size, and color, and can be controlled by using certain stimuli.

Lighting Interactive Smart Facade

Lighting Smart Facade

Giuseppe Ridolfi and Arman Saberi’s students at The University of Florence designed an interactive smart facade using Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper 3D and Kangaroo Physics.

Incessant replication: Computational floor plan generation

Incessant Replication

This thesis by Ron Aasholm studies the process of promptly harnessing a computational design methodology and applies it to floor plan design. A specific evolutionary algorithm, found in Galapagos, is analysed and applied as it used in the model demonstration.