Naturally Inspired Design

Naturally Inspired Design

The aim of this thesis by Azadeh Rabbani Rankouhi, is the systemization of biomimicry application in the field of architecture. The methods utilized herein rely on the analysis of successful samples of biomimicry in other fields.

Geometry Informs Algorithm

Geometry Informs Algorithm

This paper proposes an extension to an existing algorithmic design framework for the design exploration, analysis, and optimization of facades to support a Textual Programming Language-based approach that handles Visual Input Mechanisms.

Geometries of Light

Geometries of Light

This research by Ramon Elias Weber aims to create architectural geometries that are driven by performance — in light, energy, and structure.

Tipping Wall

Tipping Wall

The facade of a cooling tower was covered with 10,000 hinged metal channels that fill with water and tip either left or right. When they tip they spill water into the center of the channel below which then tips either left or right. 

Tree Facades

Tree Facades

In this paper, authors present a study of the generation of branching structures and their application to the development of façade support systems. They investigate two types of branching structures, a recursive bifurcation model and an axial tree.

Algorithmic Facade Design

Algorithmic Facade

This dissertation by Inês Alexandra do Côrro Caetano discusses the development of a framework for the design of facades. This work started with an analysis of a large corpus of contemporary facades, which were classified into different categorical dimensions.

Re-Skinning: Design and Fabrication of Facade


This article by Ajla Aksamija, Todd Snapp, Michael Hodge and Ming Tang discusses a research/teaching collaboration between Perkins+Will and the University of Cincinnati and a unique design studio that was initiated as part of this collaboration.

metal facade with 3D-printed mould

Metal Facade

Students from ETH Zurich have pioneered a method of casting complex, one-off architectural structures from metal in a 3D-printed mould. Deep Facade, a six-metre-high aluminium structure with ribbons of metal looped in an organic fashion.

Automated digital fabrication

Automated Digital Fabrication

Detailed within this paper is the development of an alternative fabrication concept that utilises an inexpensive, reusable “pin board” mold that is autonomously set to various CAD derived surface geometries by a 6-axis robotic arm manipulator.

John Curtin School facade grasshopper3d definition

John Curtin School

In this premium grasshopper definition you can model a parametric facade similar to the John Curtin School of Medical Research building.

Parametric facade Pattern Grasshopper3d Definition

Parametric facade Pattern

In this grasshopper example file you can model a parametric facade pattern and control the number of the strips and their deformation distance.

SRZ Tower Grasshopper3d Definition Parametric Facade

SRZ Tower

In this Grasshopper example file you can model a random parametric facade pattern on a polysurface solid.

Indoor Visual Comfort

Indoor Visual Comfort

This research proposes optimal daylight performance for the facade of an existing building, which helps designers improve daylight generating optimized design options and understand the relationships between design variables and performance metrics.

Performative Building Envelope Systems Using Leaf Venation Patterns

Venation Patterns

In this paper by Sabri Gokmen a morphogenetic approach will be introduced that looks at Goethean morphology and leaf venation patterns.

Body Patterning Responsive and Interactive Building Envelope

Body Patterning

In this paper by Hülya Oral and Gülen Çağdaş, the changes on the bodies of color and form changing living organisms are implemented to the building envelope as a dynamic process of adapting to the environment in terms of interaction.

Optimization of the Environmental Performance of Facades

Optimization of Facades

In this thesis by Mahmoud Islam Abdelhay Gadelhak a simplified framework and design decision support tool was developed to aid designers and architects in the domain of multidimensional optimization of building facades

Adaptive Façades An Integrated Algorithmic Approach

Adaptive Facades

The presented research by Helena Luísa Freitas Martinho aims to develop a unified AD and analysis workflow for the energy performance assessment of adaptive façades.

High energy efficient building envelope design with integrated workflow in multidisciplinary performance criteria

Efficient Building Envelope

This research by Dong Kyu Lee demonstrates a practical method for low environmental impact and high energy efficient building façade system under interconnected workflow between architecture design and environmental performance modeling.

Parametric Models of Facade Designs of High-Rise Residential Buildings

Parametric Facades

This research by Yuchen Sharon Sung and Yingjui Tseng involves a study of skins of high-rise residential buildings using the methodology of shape grammar to find out the rules which determine the combinations of the facade patterns and to analyze the patterns’ parameters using software Grasshopper.

Arachne 3D Printed Facade


Arachne by Archi-Solution Workshop is a digital architectural endeavor to redefine an ordinary building with 3D printed components. It’s installed by the spatially intertwined lattices that hung on the building in the curtain wall mechanism.

lacime architects cover exhibition hall with undulating facade in suzhou, china

Undulating Facade

The facades of the new exhibition hall are essential to the overall design by Lacime Architects with the most notable characteristic being the elegant and dynamic effect of the facade which appears as a ‘rising curtain.’ 

Zahner Factory Parametric Facade

Zahner Factory

The form for the façade by Crawford Architects was derived from metal oxidation patterns inspired by those found on Zahner’s campus. A computer based algorithm converted the sketch’s tonal values into a 3-dimensional digital surface model of the façade.

S2OSB Headquarters Facade

S2OSB Headquarters

S2OSB by BINAA – Building INnovation Arts Architecture is a pioneering management building, headquarters and conference hall. Uniting the vision of the client, it is also an iconic structure in the area, engaging people into a new way of looking.

Mercury Theatre Parametric Facade

Mercury Theatre

A deep facade of wooden blades, designed in a wave-shape by Project Meganom, gives the building dynamics, while remaining stable.

Philips LED Facade Lighting

Philips, the global leader in lighting, and the German soccer champion presented a new LED façade lighting at the Allianz Arena for the first time on.The entire innovative Philips system can be controlled digitally and is capable of reproducing 16 million colors.

Philips LED Facade Lighting

Philips, the global leader in lighting, and the German soccer champion presented a new LED façade lighting at the Allianz Arena for the first time on.The entire innovative Philips system can be controlled digitally and is capable of reproducing 16 million colors.