Parametric Approach in Planning and Design Process

Parametric Approach

This study by William Suyoto, Aswin Indraprastha and Heru W. Purbo offers discrete method in parametric design to solve problems during design process (programming, site planning, massing, structure planning, and facade planning).

QuadEdgeDataStructure Grasshopper3d Plugin

Quad Edge

A ‚QuadEdgeDataStructure‘ is used to represent a n-gonal Mesh without making any difference between primal and dual elements. The (relativ) dual-graph is holded in a valid state during any topological operation.


Folded Surfaces

Both in the field of design and architecture origami is often taken as a reference for its kinetic proprieties and its elegant appearance. Dynamic facades, fast deployment structures, temporary shelters, portable furniture, retractile roofs…

Beyond Design Freedom Material Modelisation within Kangeroo Physics

Design Freedom

The goal of this research by Florian Chéraud is to introduce, within the Grasshopper environment, a tensile parameter, the Young Modulus, into the Kangaroo model.

A Novel Concept for Airport Terminal Design Integrating Flexibility

Airport Design

The current research by Sarah N. Shuchi proposes a design framework to develop flexible layouts of departure areas in an international airport. A flexible design framework for airport terminals has been developed based on a number of hypotheses.

Polyhedron Fabrication Grasshopper3d Tutorial Rhinopolyhedra Plugin

Polyhedron Fabrication

In this 45 minutes Paracourse Lesson (premium Members) we are going to fabricate a Polyhedron by defining a series of simple connections for the faces. First, we are going to model the connection for any polyhedron and then model them in 3D.

Grasshopper to the Tangible

Grasshopper to the Tangible

After a 5-day intensive workshop training in Grasshopper and Rhinoceros, a Russian group has created plywood hand assembled form. The object is reminiscent of an aquatic creature.

Basket Weaving Grasshopper3d Example

Basket Weaving

In this grasshopper definition by Martyn Hogg,  you can model a weaving basket. You can select number of weaves in X or Y directions for a flat surface. Similarly, U and V divisions on a curved surface. It also works on a loft through curves.

Form Finding of Arches in Tensile Structures

Form Finding of Arches

In this thesis by Giorgio Piscitelli, a new form-finding method is developed for system combining arches, membranes, cables, ties and struts. First the whole mathematical theory is elaborated then digital tools are created in the Grasshopper.

Sweep Shell Grasshopper3d Tutorial Lunchbox Plugin

Sweep Shell

In this Paracourse Lesson, we are going to model a parametric freeform surface by defining two sections and a polar based rail. Then we are going to model a series of trusses and convert the surface into triangular panels.

Loxodrome Grasshopper3d Example


In this grasshopper definition by Laurent DELRIEU you can model a symetric loxodrome on a sphere. It simply can be done in any revolution object. Laurent used equations from a wikipedia page.

Radial Mechanism Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Radial Mechanism

In this Grasshopper tutorial, we are going to model a Radial mechanism which translates a circle up and down. This mechanism is similar to the Pantadome System developed by Mamoru KAWAGUCHI. You can change the size of the linkages.

Undulant Portrait Grasshopper3d Definition

Undulant Portrait

In this grasshopper definition by Junichiro Horikawa you can model an undulant portrait using Image Sampler.

Hermit Crab Grasshopper3d Plugin Social Distancing

Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab by jim.peraino for Grasshopper is a tool that analyzes floorplans to find zones that aren’t conducive to social distancing — areas like aisles or workstations.

Intelligent building skins: Parametric-based algorithm for kinetic facades design and daylighting performance integration

Intelligent Building Skins

This thesis by Mohamed Mansour El Sheikh presents the initial experiment, in which the external skin actuates to optimize daylight-deflection, maintaining a desirable luminous indoor environment.

Cycloid Grasshopper3d Example


This grasshopper example by Tuğrul Yazar is a Cycloid-like family of curves, generated by its classical description: a rolling circle. There’s no need to roll the circle but divide its path, utilizing data lists to simply rotate and evaluate it.

Dome Grasshopper3d Plugin


Dome by Ehsan samadi creates a frame dome by designing a profile curve in xy plan. You can edit the curve and the dome will update. This component is in the user menu.

Designed Parameters: Advancing Parametric Software in the Architectural Design Process

Designed Parameters

This thesis by Thomas Le Comte seeks to explore parametric design through its implementation within a group design project to decipher how a parametric process grounded in an understanding of digital fabrication can inform architectural space.

Parametric Fields Grasshopper3d Tutorial Kinetic Art

Parametric Fields

In this Kinetic art tutorial, we are going to model something similar to the Kinetic art at the Randall Museum. First, we are going how to use fields in grasshopper and then we will convert them into geometry.

Docofossor Grasshopper3d Plugin


Docofossor by Mathias Bernhard and Ilmar Hurkxkens is a terrain modeling plugin for Rhino 6 + Grasshopper. It enables easy editing of cut and fill operations for landscape architecture.

An Architectural Implementation of Topology Optimization

Topology Optimization

This thesis by Soo Jung Woo explores the use of Topology Optimization in architectural design by implementing a Bidirectional Evolutionary Structural Optimization type TO script as a guide to create a composition of discrete members with complex geometries. 

Sine Wave Table Grasshopper3d Definition weaverbird plugin

Sine Wave Table

In this Grasshopper definition, you can model a sine wave table using Graph mappers. Then you can use the Weaverbird plugin to give it a smooth look and finally extract the sections for fabrication.

Nursery Grasshopper3d Plugin


Nursery by Gwyllim Jahn is a behavioural design framework for Grasshopper. It consists of a set of tools for creating Agents and Behaviours and executing these behaviours on a multithreaded simulation core. 

Algorithmic Toolmaking: Parameter Thinking in Landscape Architecture

Algorithmic Toolmaking

This thesis by Kadin Hegglun interrogates the contentious integration of digital technologies into the field of landscape architecture. Identifying that an application of computational technique is largely unknown, the research delves into the scripting…

FractureHopper Grasshopper3d Plugin


FractureHopper by albertovalis is an extension of GH for fractal math and chaos theory. It extends grasshopper with a number of utilities: Julia 2D and 3D sets and tests, Lorenz attractors, Rabinovich-Fabrikant maps, Bifurcation diagrams.

The Digital Workflow of Parametric Structural Design Developing Grid Shells in a Nordic Climate

Parametric Structural Design

In this thesis by Åshild Huseby and Marie Eliassen , the objective is to come up with a parametric design procedure for a timber grid shell where the structure was robust enough to handle the asymmetric pressure from climate induced loads.

Twisting Strips Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Twisting Strips

In this ParaCourse lesson, we are going to model a twisting box with a completely parametric axis and then learn how to use Shift Paths, Explode Tree, and Flip matrix to model a series of tween surfaces from the box.

Element Grasshopper3d Plugin


Element by by Luis Quinones is a mesh geometry plugin for Grasshopper, enabling mesh creation, analysis, transformation, subdivision, and smoothing.

High energy efficient building envelope design with integrated workflow in multidisciplinary performance criteria

Efficient Building Envelope

This research by Dong Kyu Lee demonstrates a practical method for low environmental impact and high energy efficient building façade system under interconnected workflow between architecture design and environmental performance modeling.

Origami Simulation Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Origami Simulation

In this ParaCourse Premium lesson, we are going to model an origami fold from scratch without using any plugins. first, we are going to model the folding in rhino and then convert it into grasshopper parametric folding.