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Interactive Exploration of Shapes

Interactive Exploration of Shapes

In this paper by Masaaki Miki, Jun Mitani and Takeo Igarashi, authors developed a set of Grasshopper components which enables interactive physics simulation based on the finite element method (FEM). They named this add-on Ricecooker.

Kangaroo Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Kangaroo Plugin #4

In this Grasshopper definition by using the Kangaroo’s Warp & Weft component we can control different tensile forces on the mesh and then by snapping the naked edge’s point to a series of circles we can control the final tensile tunnel.

Parakeet Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Parakeet Plugin #4

In this definition by using the Lunchbox spaceframe component and the Parakeet’s Truncate tool we can make a recrusive 3d pattern. You can change the Truncation distance to make the pattern grow or shrink and by changing the Iteration you can define the number of loops.

Constraints And Optimization

Constraints And Optimization

This book by Amit Zoran contains subjects like parametric design space, introduction to optimization, introduction to gradient descent, grasshopper galapagos and examples for genetic algorithms in parametric design.

Pufferfish Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Pufferfish Plugin #3

In this definition you can use the Pufferfish’s plugin component called Retrans which Recursively transform geometry to get a self-referential step sequence of transformed geometry.

Change In Parametric Design

Change In Parametric Design

With respect to evolutionary search and optimization, this article by Robert Vierlinger and Klaus Bollinger investigates aspects of flexibility and performance on the levels of fast application and open representation.

Kangaroo Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Kangaroo Plugin #3

In this Kangaroo example by defining a box without caps and using the Edge Lengths tool we will have a tensile structure. Simply by setting the length factor to zero and defining the right anchors we can model a minimal surface.

Parakeet Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Parakeet Plugin #3

In this grasshopper definition you can create a Truncated hexagonal grid and then add a pattern to it. You can rotate or scale the pattern with a point attractor and then finally offset the curves.

Automated Digital Fabrication

Automated Fabrication

Within this thesis by Judah Hook is the investigation and development of an alternative fabrication concept that utilises an inexpensive, reusable “pin board” mould that is autonomously set to various CAD derived surface geometries by a 6-axis robotic arm manipulator.

Circular Weave Grasshopper Definition

Circular Weave

In this grasshopper definition a weave pattern is constructed using a base circle which will produce a series of perpendicular circles around it.

Landscape Parametric Modeling

Landscape Parametric Modeling

This thesis by Stuart Mackenzie Jones gives an overview of parametric tools and parametric thinking, and describes how parametric tools are being applied to the design of the built environment and landscape systems.

Pufferfish Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Pufferfish Plugin #2

In this definition we have used the Pufferfish’s “Recrusive Morph Mesh” to produce patterns on a mesh. This component Recursively morphs mesh geometries onto a base mesh.

Kangaroo Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Kangaroo Plugin #2

In this Kangaroo Plugin example you can model a tensile structure with a central curve modifier. The corners of the mesh has been used as the anchors and the “On curve” component has been used to keep the surface on the curve.

Creative Optimization

Creative Optimization

This thesis by Yassin Salah El-Din Ashour presents a workflow called the ‘creative optimization workflow’ using a Multi-Objective Optimization (MOO) engine called Octopus that runs within Grasshopper3D, a parametric modeling tool, and multiple simulation software.

Parakeet Plugin Example Grasshopper Definition

Parakeet Plugin #2

In this grasshopper definition you can generate several parakeet patterns through panelized surfaces using lunchbox and parakeet plugin.

Pufferfish Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Pufferfish Plugin #1

In this pufferfish plugin example you can use the Tween through Surface component to produce surfaces between multiple target surfaces and control their count and distribution.

Realtime Structural Design

Realtime Structural Design

The present thesis by Daniel Akesson aims to integrate structural feedback with geometric modeling. The user interfaces of conceptual design tools should be interactive and agile enough to follow the designer’s iterative workflow.

Parametric Landscape Urbanism

Parametric Urbanism

This thesis by Sadik Deniz Akman discusses the emerging approaches in landscape urbanism from a methodological perspective and discusses the emerging techniques applied in the recent design and research projects in landscape urbanism. The study mainly focuses on design tools and techniques applied in the field.

InfraBIM and Interoperability

InfraBIM and Interoperability

This project by Paulina Tovo is a concrete application of BIM methodology focused on the implementation of Maintenance Plan and on a collaborative work. The thesis development was based on Variante di Demonte project, which is a real case that it has not yet been built. 

Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design

SimAUD 2016 Proceedings

This document edited by Ramin Attar, Angelos Chronis, Sean Hanna and Michela Turrin includes subjects presented in SimAUD 2016 like building simulation, daylighting, urban networks & analysis, agent base modeling, data driven design, urban data, design decision support, design computation & methods, fabrication and form finding

Metaball Threshold Grasshopper Definition

Metaball Threshold

In this definition we will model a series of metaballs which we extrude at the end. We also can change the position of the points randomly.

Making Rules, Making Tools

Making Tools

The first part of the thesis by Lynne Maclachlan examines shape grammar theory as a method of modelling designer-maker creative episodes, to inform designer practice. Evidence was gathered from interviews with designer-makers, observations from a design process carried out by the author and other literature on designer-makers.

Reaction Diffusion Grasshopper Definition

Reaction Diffusion

In this grasshopper definition you can make pseudo reaction diffusion using Weaverbird Plugin. This grasshopper definition is inspired by Junichiro Horikawa.

Centralist Arcs Grasshopper Definition

Centralist Arcs

In this grasshopper definition a way of creating a desired number of arcs will be demonstrated using the 3 point arc component. In order to do so, 3 sets of points will be required. One set is only one point in the center which all arcs are connected to.

Audio to Architecture

Audio to Architecture

Polina Timchenko in her thesis “Audio to Architecture: House Music as a Form Generator” is going to explore the idea that every house music component can be translated into geometry with the use of parametric design techniques.

Tile Aggregation Grasshopper Definition

Tile Aggregation

In this grasshopper definition you can aggregate a custom module (Tile) by defining junctions using Fox Plugin.

Parametric Timber Shell Structures

Timber Structures

This thesis by Alexandra Adelle Hinkel Cheng presents an example of a project executed in a co-rationalized manner through architectural and structural collaboration, using both digitally-integrated and analog models, for the design and construction of solid timber shells structures.

Lighting Interactive Smart Facade

Lighting Smart Facade

Giuseppe Ridolfi and Arman Saberi’s students at The University of Florence designed an interactive smart facade using Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper 3D and Kangaroo Physics.

Parametric Structures

Parametric Structures

The aim of the thesis by Daniel Wallin and Martin Wasberg was to investigate if the use of parametric design tools from both architects and structural engineers could be a way of making the design process more effective. This thesis also include testing the structural plug-ins of the parametric design tools.