Evolutionary Optimization of Parametric Structures Understanding Structure and Architecture as a whole from Early Design Stages

Evolutionary Optimization

This thesis by Aitor Almaraz aims to explore the possibilities of the implementation of parametric design as a linking tool for architectural spatial decisions, structure and costs -in economic and energetic terms-  to analyze and determine their performance.

Octopus Grasshopper3d Plugin for Optimization


Octopus by Robert Vierlinger was originally made for Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization. It allows the search for many goals at once, producing a range of optimized trade-off solutions between the extremes of each goal.

VisualARQ Grasshopper3d Plugin BIM


VisualARQ by F.Salla adds flexible BIM features to Rhino, and speeds up the process of modeling an architectural project in 2D and 3D. VisualARQ provides tools to generate all project document information and quantification.

Voronoize Grasshopper3d Plugin Voronoi


Voronoize by Ar37 is a grasshopper plugin that allows you to create voronoi structure from any Closed PolySurface, Open PolySurface, Non-Planar Surface, Planar Surface and Mesh.

Python Fractal Tree Grasshopper3d Definition

Python Fractal Tree

This grasshopper definition can help you model fractal trees fast.This Python fractal tree example file can also be used as an exercise for how to write fractals in python and use boolean to make your code more advanced.

Twisted Klein Bottle Grasshopper3d Definition Mesh Tools Parakeet Plugin

Twisted Klein Bottle

In this grasshopper definition, you can model a Klein bottle using Parakeet’s plugin. Then you can twist the mesh around an axis and finally create a contour from the mesh and extract the curves.

A New Approach to Modeling Frit Patterns for Daylight Simulation

Modeling Frit Patterns

This paper by Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari and Anne Waelkens introduces a custom workflow for modeling frit patterns for daylight simulation on buildings, which streamlines quantitative and qualitative daylight analysis.

Jewel Changi Airport

In this tutorial, we are going to model the Jewel Changi Airport Waterfall in Grasshopper. First, we are going to model the base surface and then we will divide it into two series of strips and make the panels from scratch.

Sierpinski Pyramid Grasshopper3d Tutorial Weaverbird Lunchbox Plugin

Sierpinski Pyramid

In this Rhino Grasshopper Lunchbox tutorial, we are going to show you a trick to model a Sierpinski Pyramid with the Lunchbox plugin. We will also show you how you can use Keyshot to get a better visualization of your form.

Atträctor Grasshopper3d Plugin


Atträctor by Friedrich Söllner is an easy to use tool to transform grids according to given attractor geometry. This tool was developed for a beginners Grasshopper workshop at the Städelschule architecture class in Frankfurt/Germany.

Rotating Parts Grasshopper3d Definition

Rotating Parts

In this algorithm you can simulate a series of rotating parts which fit together after closing. Number of segments, rotation degree and some form parameters can be changed.

Triangular Origami Grasshopper3d python

Triangular Origami

This python component can help you fold a triangle by defining the length of the edge and the folding degree. You can check out the python code for more exercise.

Optimizing Creatively in Multi-Objective Optimization

Optimizing Creatively

This research by Yassin Ashour and Branko Kolarevic outlines a creative optimization workflow using a Multi-Objective Optimization engine called Octopus that runs within Grasshopper3D and simulation software DIVA for daylight factor analysis.

Ladybug Plugin Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Ladybug Intro

In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to use the Ladybug Plugin from scratch.

Droid Grasshopper3d Plugin - 3d Print Slicer and Path Plotter


Droid by ytsebastian is a 3D printing related Grasshopper Plug-in Library add-on, with control over model Slicing, Custom paths and Gcode generation. Designed to be used from small desktop 3d Printers, up to large scale Robotic Fabricators.

Digital Design Ecology An Analysis for an Intricate Framework of Architectural Design

Digital Design Ecology

This paper by Jessie Rogers and Marc Aurel Schnabel evaluates, along with expert assessment, the novel, evolving and creative instruments employed for a digital design process. Applications within this paper derive outputs which are attention-grabbing.

3d Static Bridge Grasshopper3d Definition

3d Static Bridge

In this grasshopper definition by designing a force diagram instead of designing a form diagram of a bridge you can generate an optimized structure by using the 3D graphic static plugin.

GeoDex Grasshopper3d Plugin


GeoDex 3 GH by David Mans is the Grasshopper 3D implementation of the GeoDex Library, a collection of around 150 curve, surface, and volume equations.

80Hz Pavilion Grasshopper3d Tutorial

80Hz Pavilion

In this Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial, we are going to model a parametric facade similar to 80Hz Pavilion. First, we are going to make a grid of points in the XZ plane and move it away from a point attractor.

Catenary Pavilion Grasshopper3d Definition Mesh+ Weaverbird Definition

Catenary Pavilion

In this grasshopper definition by generating two sets of catenary arches, you can create a parametric shell . Then you can use the mesh+ plugin to produce a weave pattern on the surface.

Tangible Grasshopper A method to combine physical models with generative, parametric tools

Tangible Grasshopper

In this paper by Boris Plotnikov, Gerhard Schubert and Frank Petzold, A design platform has been developed which supports a seamless connection between freely shaped physical models, GIS data and Grasshopper3D. 

Skewed Lines Grasshopper3d Definition

Skewed Lines

In this grasshopper definition by using a rectangle’s diameter and extracting two points on it you can generate a series of skewed lines.

Urban Classification Grasshopper3d Definition Lunchbox Plugin

Urban Classification

In this grasshopper definition by training a neural network using boundary curves (representing a function in an urban scale) you can use it to recognize the function of any given closed curve.

Waffle Bowl Grasshopper3d Tutorial Digital Fabrication

6- Waffle Bowl

In this ParaCourse lesson we are going to model a waffle bowl from scratch. first we are going to model a parametric surface and then use perpendicular planes to intersect and extract the main curves.

Organic Pattern Grasshopper3d definition Dendro Plugin

Organic Pattern

In this grasshopper definition by modeling a series of circles and generating twisted curves around them you can model a random organic pattern. Finally you can use the Dendro plugin to voxelize the curves.

Parametric Architecture - Total Fluidity

Total Fluidity

For this research, Mrigank Nath decided to consider Fluidity as a parameter in the building construction in India. The main idea is to understand how a building, in simple terms behave like fluids.

Kangaroo Cloth Grasshopper3d Definition weaverbird plugin

Kangaroo Cloth

In this grasshopper definition designed by Daniel Piker, we will learn how to simulate the clothcollide by using kangaroo2 plugin.

Optimize Wall Covering Grasshopper Galapagos Tutorial

7- Wall Covering

In this ParaCourse lesson we are going to cover a wall with a series of modules. First we are going to use a polyline as the base of the wall and then optimize it by using Galapagos. Galapagos will find the best size for the modules and how many we need for each wall.

Sierpinski Python Grasshopper3d Tutorial

5- Sierpinski Python

In this Python tutorial you can learn how to model a parametric sierpinski triangle step by step and learn how to use Loops in python with a new method.