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Rotating Arcs Grasshopper Tutorial

Rotating Arcs

In this Rhino Grasshopper tutorial, we are going to model a dome based on the Bamboo Structure Project / Pouya Khazaeli Parsa. First, we are going to make a series of arcs in the XZ plane and then we will rotate those arcs to make the final form.

Jellum Bulger Grasshopper Definition

Jellum Bulger

In this grasshopper definition you can use the Jellum force (a force which affects a grid of points) and change the strength and position to produce a deformed 3d grid and finally voxelize the curves and points to produce a 3d parametric form.

Pixel Wall Parametric Design and Fabrication

Pixel Wall

The “pixel wall” is composed of laser cut plates. Using parametric design and digital fabrication techniques, this flexible self-supporting wall has low cost and reduced environmental impact. This project is being developed by researchers from Chile and Brazil.

Point to Volume Grasshopper Definition

Point to Volume

In this grasshopper definition you can use a 3d point cloud to voxelize the final parametric form by using the Dendro plugin.

Waffle Structure as Canopy

Waffle Canopy

WEsearch lab recently concluded their experimental study on ‘Waffle Structure as Canopy’ at CEPT University. Polygonal meshes were quickly modelled and iterated in Rhino. The final surfaces were turned into waffles by using custom Grasshopper script.

Parametric Facade Grasshopper Tutorial

Parametric Facade

In this Grasshopper tutorial, we will model a parametric facade based on the twisting louvers of the Luanda sports Pavilion. First, we will model a straight surface and then we will divide it to vertical strips by using the Isotrim command and then we will use a line to define the openings.

3D Voxel Pattern Grasshopper Definition

3D Voxel Pattern

In this grasshopper definition by generating a truncated cubic grid you can give volume to it by using Dendro’s plugin voxel method. We have also used the Parakeet plugin to change the form.

Cloth Simulation Grasshopper Tutorial

Cloth Simulation

In this Paracourse Lesson, we are going to simulate a falling cloth and use the Kangaroo 2 plugin to make it collide with a solid. First, we are going to explain the basics and then we will extract the resulted mesh.

Wandering Point Attractor Grasshopper Definition

Wandering Point Attractor

In this grasshopper definition you can create a simple simulation of attraction through agent base modeling and traces are captured, by using Heteroptera Plugin.

Shortest Walk Grasshopper Definition

Shortest Walk

In this definition you can use the shortest walk plugin to produce a venation pattern between a series of random points.

Parametric Table Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial

Parametric Table

In this Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial, we will model a parametric table by sectioning a simple deformed box and then extracting the right edges. Finally, we will model the solids and Nest the sections on the ground for fabrication.

Parametric Barnacle Lamp

Parametric Barnacle Lamp

In this project by Kai Zhang, designer used bristol paper as construction material. After playing around with paper and exploring possible forms he used grasshopper to parametrically generate the lamp’s form.

Folding Pattern Grasshopper Definition

Folding Pattern

In this grasshopper definition by dividing a square grid and extracting relative points in the grid you can generate a parametric 3d pattern panel.

Voronoi Puzzle Grasshopper Tutorial

Voronoi Puzzle

In this Grasshopper tutorial, we will model a Voronoi Puzzle and discover how the connections can be made. In the end, you will learn how to put numbers on the pieces. You can even use this technique to make a parametric facade.

Paper Folding

Paper Folding

With his first folding tests, Mitch Lorberau mostly worked with printers and physical cuts, in lieu of constructing the grasshopper definition side by side, and limited experience with laser cutting. The pattern was based around a strip module which he replicated and offset to form a larger pattern.

Arc Curve Grasshopper Definition

Arc Curve

In this grasshopper definition a series of basic grasshopper components has been used to create a surface on top of a network of arcs and curves.



This research by Mehrnoush Latifi Khorasgani, Daniel Prohasky, Jane Burry, Akbar Akbarzadeh and Nicholas Williams focuses on the design of a Robotic solar analysis platform for critical studies which explore dynamic solar light and heat phenomena within the laboratory.

Point Proximity Grasshopper Definition

Point Proximity

In this grasshopper definition you are able to fill any closed brep through Populate-3d and Populate-Geometry components and connecting each point to the nearest points then thicken and weld the network that has been generated by using Weaverbird Plugin and Fatten component.

Parametric Urban Morphology

Parametric Urban Morphology

This research by Yingyi Zhang aims to create a parametric modelling system to aid urban regulation. The system offers a visualised coding interface to manipulate parameters and achieve interactive performance feedback at the early stage of urban regulation.

Panel Pattern Grasshopper Definition

Panel Pattern #2

In this Grasshopper definition you can model a parametric pattern for 2d panels which is based on a scaling square grid with a connection to a moving point on the edges.

Millipede Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Millipede Plugin #1

In this Grasshopper Definition the isosurface component from the Millipede plugin has been used to create the isosurface mesh. Iso value defines the effective field around each point and merge vertices is set to true to produce smoother mesh around some corners.

WikiVault reciprocal frame structure


WikiVault is Michael Clarke’s proposal. It utilises a reciprocal frame structure created from flat sheet material that can be assembled rapidly on site with only the aid of a jig for lifting. The system is a very efficient use of material particularly owing to the fact that no formwork is necessary in the assembly.

RhinoRstab Grasshopper3d Plugin


This paper by Sebastian Dietrich, Sven Schneider and Dimitry Demin presents a new open-source structural analysis plugin for Grasshopper – RhinoRstab. The plugin bridges data between the worldwide established software:  Rhinoceros3d and Dlubal RSTAB.

Parakeet Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Parakeet Plugin #6

In this Parakeet Plugin Example you can use the Flow Path component to Generate a [Discrete] Fluid Flow Path on a Mesh.

Pufferfish Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Pufferfish Plugin #4

In this grasshopper definition you can run an particle base swarm moving through a closest vector field component made by pufferfish and anemone plugin. The Anemone Plugin is used to make the iterations and control the loops.

Parakeet Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Parakeet Plugin #5

In this Parakeet Plugin Example You can make a series of rotating curves by using the “Reflection Point” component. By connecting the polylines to the Fatten plugin you can have a colourful visualization of these rotating curves.

Twisted Box Mesh Boolean Grasshopper Tutorial

Twisted Box Mesh Boolean

In this Pufferfish Grasshopper tutorial, we will use the “Twisted Box Array” combined with “Mesh Boolean Twisted Boxes” to convert any mesh into a series of boxes and then use the Weaverbird Plugin to convert them into frames and windows.

2D Paneling Pattern #2

2D Paneling Pattern #2

In this 2D paneling Pattern definition you can model a parametric pattern based on triangles which the center of each edge is connected to the center of the triangle and this point will define the pattern.

Panel Pattern Grasshopper Definition

Panel Pattern #1

In this Grasshopper definition you can model a parametric pattern for 2d panels which is based on a circular connection.

Interactive Exploration of Shapes

Interactive Exploration of Shapes

In this paper by Masaaki Miki, Jun Mitani and Takeo Igarashi, authors developed a set of Grasshopper components which enables interactive physics simulation based on the finite element method (FEM). They named this add-on Ricecooker.