Physarealm Grasshopper3d Plugin


Physarealm by maajor is a grasshopper plugin for agent-based modelling based on Physarum Polycephalum. It is a stigmergy algorithms similar to ant colony algorithm. 

Origami Surfaces for Kinetic Architecture

Kinetic Architecture

This research by Filipa Peres Frangolho Crespo Osório, proposes the exploration of rigidly folding origami surfaces as the means to materialize reconfigurable spaces through motion. 

HankinArrow Grasshopper3d Plugin


HankinArrow by Rudwankd is an islamic ornament drawing assistant. This is an experimental plugin to help those who research and/or draw islamic ornaments mostly to automate repeatable constructs.

Super Delaunay Grasshopper3d Plugin

Super Delaunay

Super Delaunay plugin by Daniel González Abaldeallows you to compute the power diagram on a set of weighted points and returns: weighted voronoi, minimum spanning tree, relative neighbourhood graph, nearest neighbor graph…

Geometry of Structures

Geometry of Structures

This dissertation shows how the design of constrained structural systems is better solved by an inverse form-finding process, where the parameters and initial conditions of the direct form-finding process are automatically adjusted to match the design intent.

String Art Generator Grasshopper3d Plugin

String Art Generator

String Art Generator by Yiran is a grasshopper plugin which generates a string art sequence based on an input image. You can use this plug-in to make your own string art. 

Rotating Boxes

In this Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial, you can model a series of twisting boxes by defining rectangular sections and then use the graph mapper to extract the non-linear distribution of the sections.

Rhino 7 Multipipe Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Rhino 7 Multipipe

In this Rhino 7 grasshopper tutorial, we are going to take a look at the Subd component called “Multipipe” and how you can use it in Grasshopper to model a parametric polar model.

Evolutionary Materialism

Evolutionary Materialism

This thesis by Magnus Larsson is an investigation into how meta-heuristic multi-objective optimisation processes (genetic algorithms driven by evolutionary solvers) can bring about materials-related advantages in architectural performance.

Voronoi Panel Python Grasshopper3d

Voronoi Panel

In this premium python script you can create a parametric panel with random voronoi cells.

Daylight Optimization Parametric Atrium Design

Daylight Optimization

This thesis by Orn Erlendsson investigates the design of atria for daylighting in large scale buildings. A three dimensional test building with a central atrium was constructed and various parameters of the atrium altered.

Criss Cross Necklace Grasshopper3d Mesh+ Weaverbird

Criss Cross Necklace

In this grasshopper example file, you can model a parametric necklace by using the criss cross component of mesh+.

The Parametric Process

Parametric Process

The objective of this study by Christine Pedersen is to investigate the efficiencies of using ‘parametric design’ for landscape designs and in the practice of landscape architecture.

Traveling Salesman Problem Grasshopper3d LeafVein Plugin

Traveling Salesman Problem

In this grasshopper example file you can define a sphere and use the TSP(travelling salesman problem) component from the Leafvein plugin as a space filling algorithm.

Topology Optimized Hemispherical Shell

Optimized Shell

This thesis by Grace Melcher considers the design of a topology optimized hemisphere, a hemispherical continuous shell, and a hemispherical grid shell, and compares the structural performance of these three shells under asymmetric loads.

Bio-Origami Form finding and evaluation


This paper by Daniel Baerlecken, Matthew Swarts, Russell Gentry and Nixon Wonoto, presents a concept of origami as a form-generator for a structural system that allows deployability for structures with large spans.

Wavy Panel Python Grasshopper3d

Wavy Panel

In this python example file, you can model a parametric wavy pattern by using the sine function.

Mesh Loft Table Grasshopper3d Weaverbird plugin

Mesh Loft Table

In this grasshopper example file you can create a mesh loft and subdivide it by the T+3 subdivision component.

Curly Strips Grasshopper3d MeshEdit Parakeet

Curly Strips

In this grasshopper example file you can model a series of curly strips by finding points on a cone.

Twist of Curves Grasshopper3d Weaverbird Plugin

Twist of Curves

In this grasshopper example file, by creating a series of lines between divided points from two ellipses, you can create a parametric geometry.

Robotic Contouring

Robotic Contouring

This paper by Andrei Gheorghe, Philipp Hornung, Sigurd Reiss and Robert Vierlinger provides insight into a new robotic plastic forming process through the prototypical construction of a full scale structure.

Rectangular Growth

Rectangular Growth

In this grasshopper example file you can model a parametric fractal form by using anemone and lunchbox plugins.

Flow Along Curve Grasshopper3d jackalope plugin

Flow Along Curve

In this grasshopper example file, you can re-align a mesh box from a base curve to a target curve.

Floor Lamp Grasshopper3d weaverbird plugin

Floor Lamp

In this grasshopper example file you can model a parametric floor lamp with orthogonal lines.