Timber Wave Installation Art

Timber Wave

For the London Design Festival, award-winning architects Amanda Levete Architects (AL_A) and engineering firm Arup have simultaneously framed and opened up the Cromwell Road entrance to the V&A.

Wavelet Interactive Art Installation


Wavelet is an impressive interactive lighting installation developed by Chinese media group GeeksArt. It uses the changing light to mimic the flowing water. Wavelet is composed of 1,300 light-responsive light bulbs.

Mirror Mirror Installation

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror by SOFTlab was commissioned by the City of Alexandria’s Office of the Arts. The artwork takes the form of an opened circle, 25 feet in diameter and 8 feet high, that visitors can walk inside and around.

Seventeen Installation Art


The Seventeen installation by Nils Völker consists out of seventeen white cushions made from Tyvek hanging above the visitors heads in the exhibition “Scheinwerfer” at the Kunstmuseum Celle.

Rain Amplifier

Rain Amplifier

The Rain Amplifier by Matthijs la Roi Architects is a cedar-clad rain sculpture and stage, situated in the Catholic forest environment of Sint-Arnolduspark, Belgium.

Parametric Glacier

Parametric Glacier

During the Contemporary Culture Forum White Night, an architecture, light and sound installation Parametric Glacier was on display at the Dome Cathedral garden in Riga.

Sound Installation

Sound Installation

Zimoun is best known for his installative, generally site-specific, immersive works. He employs mechanical principles of rotation and oscillation to put materials into motion and thus produce sounds.

Breaking the Surface Interactive Kinetic Installation

Breaking the Surface

An interactive kinetic installation entitled ‘breaking the surface’ is raising the roof! This innovative installation was designed by the Norwegian architecture group ‘ctrl+n’, in collaboration with Scandinavian Design group, kontur, abida and intek.

Interwoven Installation

Interwoven Installation

Elias and Yousef Anastas (AAU ANASTAS) construct a meditative, immersive installation that aims to strengthen the relationship between nature and architecture in the Palestinian landscape.

Vision II Installation Art

Vision II

David Spriggs’ Vision artwork series have a distinct focus on the senses. Accentuated by an affinity between its subject matter and the fragmentary nature of the medium, there is a tension created between form and emptiness.

Breathing Architecture

Breathing Architecture

Inside venice’s palazzo mora, cara lee and stephan mundwiler of leeMundwiler architects have installed ‘CHiLL’ — a ‘breathing’ structure that kinetically responds to human interaction.

The Cola-Bow Installation

The Cola-Bow

Designed by penda, the cola-bow installation is a public art installation made out of more than 17,000 recycled plastic bottles, which were braided to create a shape inspired by the swings of the Coca-Cola logo.

Stand Alumilux Parametric Installation

Stand Alumilux

Inside the construction fair BB Construmat 2017, hangs the new stand for the company Alumilux, pioneer in constructive solutions in aluminum, metal and glass. Stand Alumilux was designed by Jaime Prous Architects. 

Climbslide 8.0 Play Sculpture

Climbslide 8.0

MoveART partnered with All Urban LTD to design a play sculpture named Climbslide 8.0. While adults will appreciate «climb slide 8.0» as an aesthetically designed play sculpture, children will see it as a small world full of adventures.

Dynamic Sculptures

Dynamic Sculptures

Lyle London is an artist and sculptor. Over the last few years, he has developed a series of works based on the spiral topologies observed in natural phenomena.

Charkha Installation

Charkha Installation

‘Charkha’ by LIVE architecture, an 11-meter tall outdoor installation in cross maidan, mumbai, india. The winning entry in a monument design competition, the project draws from the ‘spinning wheel’ symbol promoted by mahatma gandhi.

Flexible Landscape

Flexible Landscape

Flexible Landscape by GOA Architects, an installation in the Jing’an Temple Square which is both artistic and practical. The installation is understood as a set of open landscape in this site, and looks like a bonsai of the city, getting involved with a soft and light profile.

Parametric Butterfly

Parametric Butterfly

Designed by Cristina Nan, Dirce Medina Patatuchi, and Carlos Bausa Martinez, ‘Papillon D’or’ is made from golden dichroic holographic mirror vinyl, which refracts light and offers various experiences of the installation depending on the vantage point.

Parametric Sculptures

Parametric Sculptures

Andreu Alfaro Hernández was a A self-taught artist, he was related to the Valencian artists collective Parpalló Group (1957), and influenced by constructivists, such as Constantin Brâncuşi or Antoine Pevsner and by Jorge Oteiza.

Contours Installation


Contours by Acrylicize is a site-specific light installation sitting at the heart of Tableau Software’s Seattle HQ, exploring themes of nature and discovery in a nod to the data visualisation techniques Tableau is famed for. 

Singing Ringing Tree Parametric Sculpture

Singing Ringing Tree

The Singing Ringing Tree by Tonkin Liu is a musical sculpture standing in the wind on a hill overlooking Burnley.

Tsumiki Modular Pavilion

Tsumiki Pavilion

In collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto’s forest conservation organization More Trees, architect Kengo Kuma has has designed a set of triangular-shaped modular pieces. called ‘Tsumiki’ — a name that means ‘wooden blocks’ in Japanese.

3D Sculptures

3D Sculptures

Throughout the years, artist Andrew Myers has made a career out of the ubiquitous screw. When you look at them straight-on, his screw art looks like a pointillist painting. But when viewed from another angle, Myer’s pieces reveal their sculptural side.

Plexus Installation art


Originally from Mexico City, Gabriel Dawe creates site-specific installations that explore the connection between fashion and architecture, and how they relate to the human need for shelter in all its shapes and forms.

Clerkenwell Billboards

Clerkenwell Billboards

Giles Miller Studio has created a series of four glass-tile sculptures to help visitors navigate Clerkenwell Design Week 2016. The London-based studio created the pieces, collectively named Billboards, for the new layout of Clerkenwell Design Week.

Heaven Bloom Kinetic Installation

Heaven Bloom

“Heaven Bloom” by WHYIXD is located in the lobby of a building which is constructed by GoldenJade development corp. Along with the international architecture team from Singapore, WOHA, this mansion was designed with concept of nature.

Wave Anamorphic Illusion


‘WAVE’ by d’strict with anamorphic illusion has been successfully revealed on a magnificent DOOH of COEX K-POP SQUARE, the largest & high-definition outdoor advertising screen in S.Korea.

One State Street Installation

One State Street

Softlab was commissioned by One State Street to design a permanent wall installation to accompany the building’s new lobby renovation. Their intent was to create an installation that is not distinguishable as a piece of wall mounted art.

Innoprom Kinetic Wall Art Installation

Innoprom Kinetic Wall

Innoprom Kinetic Wall, RCC pavilion 2018 by Leva and TODO consists of 39 “petals”, which can move together in mesmerizing waves and open up dynamic “windows” for visitors to look through the wall.

Breathing Wall Interactive Installation Art

Breathing Wall

Breathing Wall by Najla El Zein is an interactive installation located at the entrance hall of a private residence in Beirut. It is a dynamic three dimensional wall surface composed of variable-sized diamond shaped modules with two facets, white and gold.