The Social Weavers

The Social Weavers

The research presented here by Paul Nicholas, David Stasiuk and Tim Schork, describes the context of open-ended design spaces, and distinguishes between two characteristic modeling approaches…

The Search of The Glow

The Search of The Glow

Artist Ling-li Tseng, in collaboration with serendipity studio, created a light installation called ‘the search of the glow’. Set amidst the forest, the minimalist, spectral installation boast a sphere shape made of wooden ovals.

Timber Wave Installation Art

Timber Wave

For the London Design Festival, award-winning architects Amanda Levete Architects (AL_A) and engineering firm Arup have simultaneously framed and opened up the Cromwell Road entrance to the V&A.

Mirror Mirror Installation

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror by SOFTlab was commissioned by the City of Alexandria’s Office of the Arts. The artwork takes the form of an opened circle, 25 feet in diameter and 8 feet high, that visitors can walk inside and around.

EXOtique Installation


EXOtique by Project One Studio is a backlit ceiling installation that was created at the foyer entrance of a university building. The patterning is based on light distribution throughout the piece, while the form redefines the space.

Interwoven Installation

Interwoven Installation

Elias and Yousef Anastas (AAU ANASTAS) construct a meditative, immersive installation that aims to strengthen the relationship between nature and architecture in the Palestinian landscape.

Vision II Installation Art

Vision II

David Spriggs’ Vision artwork series have a distinct focus on the senses. Accentuated by an affinity between its subject matter and the fragmentary nature of the medium, there is a tension created between form and emptiness.

Iridescence Print

Iridescence Print

Iridescence Print by Gramazio Kohler Research is the first large-scale architectural installation to be automatically printed by robotic machines.

The Cola-Bow Installation

The Cola-Bow

Designed by penda, the cola-bow installation is a public art installation made out of more than 17,000 recycled plastic bottles, which were braided to create a shape inspired by the swings of the Coca-Cola logo.

Stand Alumilux Parametric Installation

Stand Alumilux

Inside the construction fair BB Construmat 2017, hangs the new stand for the company Alumilux, pioneer in constructive solutions in aluminum, metal and glass. Stand Alumilux was designed by Jaime Prous Architects. 

Unbounded Installation


Unbounded, Ben Butler’s installation on display at Rice University Gallery in Houston, Texas, uses elaborate systems produced by ant colonies by assembling over 10,000 pieces of poplar wood into a matrix-like structure.

The Cloud Maze Interactive Installation

The Cloud Maze

RSAA / Büro Ziyu Zhuang was invited to design the interactive installation at the entrance of Xintiandi, and this is the origin of The Cloud Maze. The design team is looking forward to presenting the metaphor of a series of questions such as the meaning of individual in the city…



Created by belgian designer jonas van put and presented at biennale interieur in kortrijk, ‘buzzijungle’ for buzzispace is a project that presents a reflection of the designer’s vision on social offices, further pushing the traditional boundaries of the workplace.